Fight memory loss: 10 tips to improve your memory

How to Fight Memory Loss? Losing memory is one of the problems that can affect many people. This problem usually becomes more severe with age. Are there any preventive ways to stop memory loss, or slow down it, at least? Dementia is one of the problems that can affect a person's entire life. Unfortunately, a person with dementia may be confronted with many problems in his life.

Here are some simple but yet very useful tips for boosting your memory and preventing it from being lost.


1. Sleep enough and at the right time

sleep enough and at the right timeAre you aware of the effects of night sleep on your brain health? Sleeping is very important for human. A person should not only sleep enough but also sleep at the right time! Lack of enough and proper sleep in a person can have a negative effect on his brain function and can lead to memory loss, over time. If you increase your sleep quality, you can help secure your body against dementia.

Try to sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning. When you sleep, free your mind from worries and all issues.

What is the correct amount of sleep during 24 hours? In total, 8 hours of sleep in 24 hours a day is the best amount of sleep. Most of these 8 hours of sleep must be at night and a little bit of it may be sleeping at noon.


2. Avoid overeating

avoid overeatingIf you have bad eating habits such as overeating, now it's the time to try to change them. Over-eating not only causes various diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, but also harms memory and leads to memory loss.

According to the results of a new study, the risk of a type of memory loss called mild cognitive impairment (MCI) was high in elderly people who ate more calories a day. In other words, the higher amount of calories consumed, leads to the higher risk of MCI. Eating too much can make a person stupid. Over eating is not compatible with intelligence.

What is the right amount of meals? It's simple! Always try to eat as much as you need, no more; But also try to stop eating, while you still have a little appetite. Try to not eat when you're not hungry. This is the secret of your health. If you eat in the way that is mentioned, you will have a healthier body and will not suffer from the memory loss and idleness that comes from overeating.


3. Do copulation in late at night

do copulation in late at nightDo not do sexual intercourse in the early hours of the night. Having sex in the early hours of the night and especially with a full stomach can lead to memory loss. Doing sex in the late hours of the night raises the health and increases the wisdom.

A man may have to do sex with his wife early in the night due to working or other conditions, but, it should be noted that the early hours of the night are not a proper time for sexual intercourse and as previously mentioned, doing sexual activity at the early moments of the night maybe cause a lot of serious problems including memory loss.


4. Use your memory

use your memoryUse your memory or lose it! It is a FACT. Memory must be used. If the memory is not used, becomes weak gradually over time. Try to make simple math exercises in your mind.

Today, technological advances have affected all our affairs. Perhaps we would prefer to solve even the simplest mathematical calculations using a calculator. But we have to keep in mind that as much as we get our brain into laziness, we have caused it to deteriorate. The brain is created for use, not for rest! Try to combat memory loss by using your brain.

By making actions such as: Doing math calculations in your brain, Learning valuable words, Transferring concepts to others, Teaching others, Memorizing useful words, Imagining shapes, images and other events in your brain, and so on, keep your brain active and bright and prevent it from slowing down or getting lost.


5. Use your intellect

use your intellectHow much do you use your intellect? Intellection helps you to enhance your brain and prevent losing it. The major difference between a human and an animal is the human wisdom. Thinking about the creation of the universe and other creatures of God is one of the best ways to strengthen the power of your mind.

Use the power of your wisdom and try to think of different things around you using words like "why", "what", "how" and so on as much as you can, for example, why are our eyes round? what is human created? how does the fetus live in the womb? what factors can increase or decrease the life span of humans? how do humans walk with two feet? and many more and more questions that you can ask yourself using your flair.

In this context, never limit yourself. Try to stimulate your intellectual power by asking yourself these kinds of questions as much as you can. Involving your intellect with such questions will strengthen it and prevent its decline. Fight with dementia by boosting your intellect and using its power in this way.


6. Avoid stale foods

avoid stale foodsAvoid stale foods and eat fresh foods! This is a basic principle. Your brain is the most powerful organ and like all other organs of your body, needs adequate energy and nutrition to function properly. The brain requires energy and nutrients just like your muscles, heart or lungs do. Like everything else in your body, the brain can not work without getting enough energy. The energy and nutrients needed by your body, including your brain, are supplied through the foods you eat. It is clear that whatever the quality of the foods you eat is high, it's just as effective in the proper functioning and health of your brain.

Diet has a direct and long-lasting effect on your brain function. In this regards, try to avoid stale, frozen, transgenic, processed and generally unhealthy foods. Morbid foods can be harmful to the health of the brain. Use the organic, healthful and natural cuisine to keep your brain healthy and sharp and prevent it from falling, as far as you can.


7. Eat dried black currants

dried seedless black currantsDried black currants is one of the best and healthiest foods to enhance memory and prevent it from falling. Eating black currant boosts your memory and makes you smarter. The use of dried black currants as memory sharpener is also quite popular. Dried black currant is an excellent source of vitamin C and other essential nutrients and antioxidants (mainly anthocyanins).

Apart from its rich antioxidants that protects the brain from free radical damage, the dried black currants is an excellent source of iron which takes significant part in it. The iron amps up oxygen supply to your brain and nerve cells, thereby improves your memory to a great extent and the health of the brain to a higher level. Dried black currants lowers the chances of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

How much dried black currants can we eat to strengthen our memory? To get better results, it is very important that you eat this food at what time, how much and for how long. Here's a simple way: eat 21 dried black currants daily, fasting in the morning, for at least 40 consecutive days.

Adhering to these guidelines along with the other memory boosting methods mentioned in this article can help you increase your brain and memory abilities.


8. Eat Cheese together with walnut

eat cheese together with walnutUsually, bread with cheese is one of the light meals, which we are eager to eat sometimes. At times when we hurry or do not have enough time for cooking, usually one option is to eat bread with cheese. But, it should be noted that, eating cheese alone can cause some problems in our body. One of the problems that eating cheese alone can cause is an increase in blood cholesterol. In addition, cheese contributes to memory loss and lack of concentration, if it's eaten alone.

Now that we know some of the harms of the cheese, is there a way out, or should we remove it from our daily diet? A good news especially for those who love cheese: Yes, there is a way out and you do not need to remove cheese from your daily diet at all. The solution is simple! Always try to eat cheese and walnuts together and not take any of them separately. The same goes for walnuts; Eat walnuts together with cheese and do not eat it separately. The result is that: eating cheese together with walnuts is good and eating either of them alone can cause illness. Meanwhile, eat natural and avoid unhealthy cheeses including processed ones.


9. Use Frankincense

use frankincenseFrankincense is an aromatic gum resin obtained from a tree called Olibanum. The origin of frankincense is South Africa, especially Somalia, Oman and Yemen. Frankincense has a number of health benefits, including boosting the brain, enhancing memory, eliminating amnesia and removing memory weakness. It is also very effective in intellectual and spiritual relaxation as well as comfort.

How is frankincense used? It can be used in a variety of ways, including its oil. The best way to use frankincense to boost memory is to chew it like a chewing gum. Today, even in the combination of some chewing gum, frankincense is used to help increase memory and intelligence.


10. Use BrainPill™

use BrainPill™Natural brain supplements are another way to help make brain function better and combat memory loss. The BrainPill™ is one of such natural supplements. You can use Brain Pill. Brain Pill will help you to boost your memory.

What is BrainPill? BrainPill is a natural memory enhancing supplement and cognitive enhancer pill. It is a natural cognitive boosting pill with clinically proven nootropics like cognizine, vinpocetine and ginkgo biloba which increase blood flow in your brain, thus, increase your alertness level. You can combine Brain Pill with other memory enhancing tips discussed above to achieve better results in your memory improvement.

This brain pill reviews will help you to get more info about this amazing brain enhancement and memory boosting supplement.


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