Foam Pillow Can Lead to Alzheimer's

Foam Pillow Can Lead to Alzheimer's

Here's what we're going to review and point out one fact: the foam pillow can lead to Alzheimer's. It might be a little surprising, isn't it? But don't be surprised, as this is a fact that unfortunately most people around the world may not be aware of. Every day, unfortunately, we see a series of people around us suffering from amnesia and Alzheimer's. Maybe every day we come up with different kinds of recommendations to prevent forgetfulness and try to take measures to prevent Alzheimer's, but we don't know that one of the reasons for Alzheimer's disease is the pillow that we put our head on it to rest.

Memory Foam Pillow

Of course, we do not mean pillow negation, but we mean the contents and materials inside the pillow. In addition to the material of contents inside the pillow, the material of the pillow cover is also very important. Foam pillows which also called as orthopedic pillows or memory foam pillows, are widely used today. The main material used in this type of pillows is foam. But what is foam?


What is Foam?

In fact, the foam family is a special chemical compound made by direct or indirect heat in the furnaces and the cells are distributed inside them. A cell is a small vacuum created during the production of foam by the gas inside the polymer. These distributed cells can be open, semi-open and closed. Foams are more durable than sponges and are therefore widely used in quality goods.

Foams are one of the most important raw materials in manufacturing in various industries. For example, it has been widely used in the mattress and pillows industry, as well as in the decoration industry, home furnishings, and in the recent years in the construction industry. There are various foams that are used in any particular industry.

The foam family is divided into three branches:

  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Polyethylene Foam
  • Styrofoam

Polyethylene foam and styrofoam are often used in the fields of thermal insulation, bumpers, acoustic insulation and so on. In the mattress, sleep products, furniture and decoration industries, polyurethane foams are used. This type of foam, which is the main purpose of this article, is divided into two categories: cold foam and hot foam.


Cold foam

Cold foam is one of the types of polyurethane foam known as cold foam or memory foam. This foam is classified as open cell type polyurethane cell structure. The designation "cold foam" is also due to the use of indirect heat or low temperature in the production process of this foam. Low temperatures cause more formation of cold foam molecules, which results in better performance and longer foam life. The products that cold foam is used in their production are usually guaranteed by companies for more than 15 years.

Cold foam pillow or memory foam pillow has attracted many fans in recent years and is recommended as a medical pillow by orthopedic specialists. When the head is placed on the pillow, with the cold foam positioning, the weight of the head is spread over the medical pillow, so the head rests comfortably on the pillow and fills the area under the neck. The difference between cold foam pillows is in the memory foam density and their faster formation, meaning that the softer the pillow the lower the density is and the tighter the foam is, the higher the pillow density.


Hot foam

The reason for naming the hot foam is how it is produced. Unlike cold foams, hot foam is produced at high temperatures in the furnace with direct heat. The main characteristic of hot foam is its rigidity, although this property becomes softer over time. Hot foam has the least elasticity which is produced at high temperatures in the furnace. The prominent feature of the hot foam is its rigidity, although this property gradually decreases with use and the foam becomes softer. Hot foams usually have a shorter lifespan. Hot foam is often used in car seats and sofa structures.


Why Foam Pillows Can Cause Alzheimer's?

Okay, now that we are partially familiar with foam and know its production as well as its uses in the sleep industry, let's see why the foam pillow can lead to Alzheimer's and forgetfulness. Before addressing this issue, let us refer to the knowledge that will guide us to the current topic.

The human body normally has a certain temperature that is about 37°C (98.6°F). All organs of the body must be at a certain temperature in order to function properly. Any significant decrease or increase in temperature of any of the organs of the body can impair the function of that organ. One of the most important causes of amnesia and Alzheimer's disease is cold head. Cold head is an important factor in men and women with amnesia and Alzheimer's disease. Cold head is the head that has a low temperature. Foam pillows, because they are cold in nature, when they come into contact with the human head for a long time, absorb the natural temperature of the head.

Temporary or short-term exposure of the foam pillow to the human head does not have a significant effect. But the problem becomes complicated when a person uses a foam pillow to sleep for a long time. Usually about one-third of the time of day and night (8 Hours) is devoted to human sleep. When the human head is placed on a pillow with a cold nature for about 8 hours every day, some of the heat of the head is absorbed by the pillow. When this practice is repeated every day, then for a few months, depending on the individual, the effects of cooling on the human head gradually appear. People in this situation may gradually experience a state of forgetfulness. This is not just for foam pillows or memory foam pillows, but any pillow like cooling pillows that reduces head heat can make people susceptible to oblivion and Alzheimer's disease.

So not using foam pillows can be one of the most important ways to prevent Alzheimer's disease and amnesia. Instead, using pillows made of warm in nature materials such as sheep wool is a best way to keep your head and intellect healthy, fight memory loss and prevent Alzheimer's and forgetfulness.


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