Blood Concentration in Men Can Lead to Impotence

Blood Concentration in Men Can Lead to Impotence

High blood concentration, in addition to causing various problems, such as high blood pressure, can lead to reduced sexual desire and impotence in men.

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Blood Concentration in Men Can Lead to Impotence

What is the concentration of blood associated with impotence in men? Does libido decrease in men can be due to their blood's concentration? How can blood concentration reduce sexual desire in men and cause impotence? How can blood concentrations reduce sexual desire and cause impotence in men? In this article, we intend to identify the link between blood concentration and impotence, or loss of sexual desire in men. We will also talk about high blood pressure and its association with impotence in men. If you are interested in knowing this relationship, we recommend that you do not miss reading this post.

Blood Concentration

Blood is a vital factor in our body and also for our life. Blood circulation is essential in the body to feed various cells of the body and disposal of wastes from them. With its continuous circulation pumped by the heart, the blood carries the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the organs of the body and repels harmful substances from them.

One of the important factors associated with blood is its concentration. The normal concentration of blood is essential for vital activities in the body. But sometimes due to bad nutrition and other factors, such as the consumption of some medications, the concentration of our blood can be altered and away from normal levels. The main point of this discussion is the increase in blood concentrations and its effect on the male sexual system.

Insignificant and modest changes in blood concentration increase can not be a disturbing issue, especially if these changes are temporary. But if the increase in blood concentration levels is high, and in particular, the condition is permanent, in this case, the issue is important and you must be sure to take effective measures to treat and control it.

Increasing blood concentration levels in the body can cause many problems. One of the problems that can be caused by high levels of blood concentration is high blood pressure (hypertension).


High Blood Pressure and Sexual Problems in Men

According to research conducted, the link between high blood pressure and sexual problems in men has been proven. High blood pressure can affect the general satisfaction of men from sexual intercourse. In fact, it can be said that high blood pressure in men causes them to not fully satisfy their libido.

It is true that research has shown the relationship between blood pressure and loss of libido in men, but the author's opinion is that blood pressure itself is primarily due to the high concentration of blood and, in fact, high blood concentration levels cause sexual problems in men. That is, the main cause of sexual problems in men is high blood concentration, not high blood pressure.

If we bring blood pressure down with blood pressure medications, sexual problems in men will not improve much due to the concentration of blood. Here, we conclude that instead of maneuvering on the impact of hypertension on sexual dysfunction in men, we must focus on the effect of blood concentrations on male sexual problems.

If we treat the blood concentration in men, their sexual problems will be greatly resolved, while blood pressure will also be controlled.

However, if sexual problems are not treated in men, it may lead to sexual dysfunction and impotence in men over time.


What Causes High Blood Concentration?

Now that we find out the high blood concentration can disrupt desirable satisfaction of libido in men, let's see what causes high concentration levels in the blood? Several factors may cause high blood concentration, but the role of nutrition is highlighted. Inappropriate nutrition on the one hand causes the entry of harmful substances into the blood and, on the other hand, causes excessive foodstuff entry into the bloodstream.

Two important nutrients that the excess amount required of them in the bloodstream, cause blood concentration are glucose and cholesterol. Consequently, blood glucose concentration and blood cholesterol concentration can be mentioned. Of course there are other substances that can play a role in blood concentrations, but we are currently referring to these two substances and their role in high blood concentration.

Bad nutrition that contains a lot of glucose and fat causes the blood concentration levels of men to rise. Foods rich in sugars as well as high-fat foods are part of this foods group. Increasing blood concentration levels can lead to many diseases such as high blood pressure and decreased libido in men. Of course, the right amount of healthy glucose and fat is necessary for physical activities but the excessive amount of them will cause problems.

Here's how high blood concentration levels can lead to sexual dysfunction or even impotence in men.


How Does High Blood Concentration Cause Sexual Problems in Men?

Now it's time to see how high blood concentration can cause sexual problems and even impotence in men. At the beginning of the article, it has been pointed out that blood plays a vital role in our body, which carries nutrition and oxygen to the cells of the body and removes corrupted and harmful substances from them. All organs our body made up of cells that need to be fed continuously to survive and function correctly. Men's sexual organs are not excluded from this principle. That is, men's sex organs need adequate and continuous nutrition to be able to function properly and optimally so that male sexual desire can be satisfactorily fulfilled.

We said that the carrier of nutrition into the cells and organs of the body is blood but blood circulation in the body is carried out through blood vessels. Blood circulates inside the blood vessels, and if blood vessels are not present, blood circulation is not possible. Blood circulates through blood vessels, carrying food to cells and waste materials from cells. Now, what happens if there is a problem and an impairment in blood flow path? It is clear that the transfer of foods and the disposal of wastes will be disturbed. If there is a defect in the way of carrying food to male sexual organs and the disposal of waste from them, the efficiency of these organs will be reduced. Reducing the optimal performance of male sexual organs will reduce sexual desire, and will cause sexual problems in men. If this decline in performance continues and even more severe, can lead to impotence in men.

The problem with increasing blood concentration levels precisely results in disturbances in blood vessel activity. In this case and over time, high blood concentration damages the lining of blood vessels and causes arteries to harden and narrow (atherosclerosis), limiting blood flow. This means less blood is able to flow to the penis. The Narrowing the internal wall of the blood vessels causes the circulation of normal blood, disruption and insufficient food to reach the male sexual organs. In this situation, the performance of male sexual organs is a downward trend. These conditions, in normal case, can reduce sexual desire (for example erectile dysfunction) and, in a more severe case, can lead to impotence in men.


How to Reduce High Blood Concentration?

The most important factor in reducing high blood levels is nutritional reform. Nutrition reform plays an important role in this regard, and without proper nutrition, other methods may not have the necessary effects. For this purpose, it is necessary to reduce the share of foods containing glucose and fat in the food basket and, conversely, increase the share of sour foods in our daily food basket. In addition to nutrition, leaving or reducing other factors such as smoking, which leads to high blood concentration levels, is also effective in this work.


Reduce Blood Concentration: Pomegranate

The use of pomegranate fruit is one of the important factors in reducing blood concentration levels, increasing libido and fighting impotence in men. A detailed description of the effects of pomegranate fruit on male sexual desire is expressed in Increase Male Libido with Pomegranate article.


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