Boost Sperm: Top 3 Natural Treatments

Boost Sperm: Natural Treatment

How to boost sperm in men just using natural treatment? What should be done to increase male sperm? These phrases may be the questions of many men who have a sperm problem.

Sperm weakness is one of the most important and sensitive problems of men. The weakness of sperm is directly related to male infertility. When we speak of weak sperm, we mean both low sperm counts and low sperm motility.

In male fertility issue, both sperm counts and high sperm motility are important. But sperm motility is much more important than sperm counts. If sperms are strong and have high motility, even if their counts is lower than normal, there is still a possibility of fertility in men.

Therefore, the most important work for men with weak sperm is to try to strengthen sperm. But the important question here is, how can we boost sperm? There are many ways to strengthen sperm. For example, proper nutrition and sperm boosting supplements are two methods that can be used to treat sperm weakness. In this article we present three natural remedies for sperm enhancement, all of which are nutritional. All these methods alone have a great effect on increasing the count and motility of the sperm but, if all three treatments are run simultaneously, their effects on sperm boost will be much higher. These methods are very simple, easy to do at home and do not have any harm. They are among the natural and harmless ways to boost sperm count and sperm motility and to treat the weakness of male fertility.


Boost sperm using wrinkled grapes

Grapes in various forms, such as fresh grapes, wrinkled grapes and raisins, are sperm food, which boosts sperm and increases the speed of the sperm. Grapes are the best food for sperms because of dextrose. Grapes increase sperm motility. Wrinkled grapes are the best food for sperm. Wrinkled grape is a form of grape which is between freshly juicy grape and raisins. To prepare wrinkled grapes, place some fresh grapes for a while (about one week to 10 days) in the shade or in the room or alongside the heater or the radiator to reduce the grape juice slightly so that the skin is wrinkled. In this case it becomes sweeter too.


Boost sperm using pure honey + black seed (siyah dane)

The use of a mixture of pure honey and black seed is another method of sperm boosting. The mixture of pure honey and black seed have a lot of benefits to the body, one of its important benefits for men is to increase sexual power and treat sperm deficiency and thus increase male fertility. Now, one question arises: how, when, how much and how long can we consume the mixture of honey and black seed? Here is an explanation of how to properly use the mixture of honey and black seed.

How to mix the black seed with honey and eat?

The correct way to prepare and use the mixture of honey and black seed is very important, as we are here to teach it. Crush half a tablespoon of black seed in mortar - mortar and pestle - (or grinder; mortar is better). Then immediately mix it with a tablespoon of honey. This mixture should be eaten immediately after preparation.


When to use the mixture of black seed and honey?

The best time to use this mixture is fasting in the morning. The fasting time is before breakfast meal. Try to prepare and eat the mixture of honey and black seed at least one hour before the breakfast meal.


How long do we eat this mixture?

Use the mixture of pure honey and black seeds for at least forty days.


Boost sperm using carob

In addition to the two methods mentioned above, another method that can be used to strengthen sperm in men can be using the carob. The carob is a native of the Eastern Mediterranean, probably the Middle East, which was cultivated at least 4000 years ago. Carob is a miraculous plant for men who have sexual problems and sperm weakness. In ancient Greek history, the carob has been a symbol of birth and blessing, and it is a reference to the fact that early humans were also aware of the impact of the herb as an effective herb on infertility treatment. The carob is a rich source of B vitamins, especially vitamin B1. The carob has many health benefits that boosting sperm and increasing sperm count and motility in men is just one of its benefits.

In the case of carob and methods for its use in the treatment of sperm weakness, you can read the carob for sperm boost content on this site.


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