Can Tight Underwear Cause Impotence

Can Tight Underwear Cause Impotence

One of the problems of men is impotence, and one of the issues raised in this regard is the association of impotence with wearing tights. The question that we are going to answer in this article is whether wearing tights (especially tight underwear) can cause impotence in men? Let's see what is impotence in men before answering this question. Men's sexual inability (impotence) is a condition in which men have difficulty satisfying their sexual needs desirable. That is, in this case, men can not satisfy their sexual desire in the right way. Sexual disability is a more general concept of erectile dysfunction. In some articles or speeches, you may find that impotence is considered to be equivalent to erectile dysfunction. But the fact is that this is not correct. Erectile dysfunction is a part of male sexual disability and it's not all that.

Let's talk a bit more accurately. Suppose a man has a strong erection and has no problems with erection. But this man has weak sperm and can not have children. Do you think such a man is not impotent? Sexual ability is not exclusive to the erection of the penis and having an intercourse, but any problem that affects the male sexual organs can be attributed to its impotence.

With these interpretations, let's now go back to the main question and see if tight underwear can cause sexual dysfunction and erectile problems in men. A study on the relationship between the reduction in sperm count and tight underwear showed that men wearing underwear in boxer shorts had more sperm concentration and more sperm count than men who used other underwear models. The study found that tight underwear is associated with a reduction in the number of sperm in men. One of the reasons is that tight underwear can cause the testicles to warm up, which can lead to a decrease in sperm count.

If you've already heard about the relationship between tight underwear and low sperm count, you might imagine that tight underwear will cause erectile dysfunction (ED) for the same reason as reducing sperm counts. But let's not forget that any factor that reduces sperm counts does not necessarily cause erectile dysfunction. So, does wearing tight underwear do not have any negative effects on erectile dysfunction?

The fact is that tight underwear can have a negative effect on the erection and sexual ability in men, but not because it reduces sperm counts. For the reasons given below, the relationship between tight underwear and reduced sexual ability (impotence) in men, including erectile dysfunction, can be addressed.

  • Preventing proper skin respiration
  • Applies physical pressure on the penis and testicles
  • Preventing better flow of blood

One of the drawbacks of wearing tight underwear is that these types of clothing prevent the skin from breathing properly. The size of the clothing should be such that the air easily flows in the lower organs of the body. The flow of air effectively prevents problems and diseases of the lower limbs, including the sexual organs. By wearing tight underwear, we prevent proper skin contact with the areas on the outside of the body, and this can have a negative effect on the proper functioning of the sex organs. If wearing tight underwear continues for a long time, it can seriously damage the sex organs such as testicles, as well as affect the correct functioning of the penis.

The second factor that negatively affects the wearing of tight underwear on the sexual organs is the physical pressure on the organs. In order to allow the penis to grow and function naturally and normally, it is necessary not to be subjected to physical pressure. Tight underwear can increase the physical pressure on the genital organs, which can reduce the ability of these organs. The penis should be able to easily erect and return to flaccid state. Any physical pressure and preventing the proper respiration to the skin of the genital area can damage the normal function of the penis and testicles.

The third disadvantage that wearing tight underwear can have for men's sexual ability is to prevent correct blood flow to the reproductive organs. Tight underwear can put pressure on blood vessels in the skin and prevent proper blood flow to the penis and other sex organs. Correct blood flow to the sexual organs plays a very important role in their health and proper functioning. Proper circulation of blood in the sexual organs promotes proper nutrition and has a great role in increasing their ability. Blood flow to the sexual organs, and especially to the penis, is so important that one of the goals of the male enhancement pills is to enhance the condition and increase the amount of blood flow to the penis and the sexual organs. By wearing tight clothing, we prevent proper blood supply to the tissues and cells of the genital organs, and especially the penis, which can affect the correct functioning of the sexual organs and especially the erection of the penis.

With explanations about the disadvantages of underwear, it is hoped that men are reluctant to wear any kind of tights, especially tight underwear, to spend their healthy lives.


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