Erectile Dysfunction(ED): Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? What causes erectile dysfunction? What effects does erectile dysfunction have on men's daily life? Is erectile dysfunction equal to all men? What is the link between erectile dysfunction and men's diseases? What are the symptoms of ED? How many types of erectile dysfunction are there? What is temporary or permanent erectile dysfunction? What is primary or secondary erectile dysfunction? What are the remedies for treating erectile dysfunction?

The questions listed above and other questions similar to them may also be for you and you will be looking for the right answer for them. If so, do not miss this article, because in this article we are going to talk about erectile dysfunction, symptoms, causes and treatment.


What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

First of all, let's see what is erectile dysfunction at all, and what condition is known in men as erectile dysfunction. An erection of the penis is necessary in men for sexual activity, and if an erection is not performed, sexual activity is not possible by men. In addition, maintaining an erection of the penis during sexual activity is also necessary to have sex done successfully.

Some men, for some reasons, may not be able to erect their penis or they can not maintain their erection for sufficient time to perform sexual activity. These conditions indicate a type of disorder in men that is called erectile dysfunction (ED). Sometimes erectile dysfunction is also referred to as impotence. More precisely, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which a man can not erect his penis or can not maintain an erection for the time necessary for proper sexual activity. So, erectile dysfunction actually has two conditions:

  1. A condition in which a man can not erect his penis, in other words, he does not have the ability to erect his penis.
  2. A condition in which a man can erect his penis, but the duration of erection is low and he can not maintain his erection throughout the entire sexual activity.

In both cases, it is said that the man has erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction in men can be temporary or may be a chronic problem. Sometimes erectile dysfunction in men is a temporary problem. Some men may sometimes have an erection problem and this problem will be resolved in the shortest time. Various causes may interfere with temporary erectile dysfunction, including mental and nutritional issues as two main causes. Occasionally, erectile dysfunction in men may be temporary due to psychological problems, stress, anxiety, or inappropriate nutrition. This type of erection problem can not be considered as erectile dysfunction because it is resolved as soon as possible, and this group of men usually has a good erection in most cases.

So what is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction can be posed as a serious problem that, in most cases, men can not have full penis erection, or that during sexual intercourse erection can be eliminated and sexual intercourse is not possible. If the erection of the penis has so problem that it affects men's sex, in this case it can be said that erectile dysfunction exists, that is, men have a problem in erecting their penis. But, what is the cause of erectile dysfunction and how can the erectile problem be treated in men?


Erectile Dysfunction Cause

Certainly, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, it is first necessary to diagnose the cause, then the appropriate treatment is done. But what is the cause of erectile dysfunction in men? To investigate the causes of erectile dysfunction in men, we must consider that erection is a both physical and psychological process. That is, both the body and the spirit and mind of men play role in erection. So it's natural that any one or both of these issues will be troublesome in the erection of men.

Sometimes the problem of erectile dysfunction is only mental and intellectual, and these men do not actually have a specific physical problem. Sometimes embarrassment, lack of self-esteem or having psychological problems such as stress and anxiety can become an important factor in creating a problem for men's erection. Obviously, in these cases, you should seek to cure the psychological problem and increase self-esteem, and it will be seen that the erectile problem will be resolved after treating the mental problem and increasing self-esteem in men. Of course, in these cases, the wife's behavior plays an important role in the creation or treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Wife's behavior can sometimes reduce self-esteem and lack of self-confidence in this group of men. Dear ladies pay attention to not to blame their husbands for an erection problem, but to try to help their husbands in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and boosting their self esteem.

In addition to mental and intellectual problems, physical problems are among the causes of erectile dysfunction in men. Using some medications, inappropriate nutrition method, especially the excessive use of fast foods or factory foods, having diabetes, high blood cholesterol and blood glucose, high blood concentration, high blood pressure, aging, wearing tight pants which prevents correct blood flow to the sexual organs and prevents the proper growth of the sexual organs, excessive consumption of cold foods (foods cold in nature), and low consumption of hot foods (foods hot in nature) are all due to the physical causes of erectile dysfunction.


Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction? If the problems listed below are persistent in a man, then, it can be said that the man has erectile dysfunction:

  • Having trouble getting an erection
  • Having trouble keeping the erection

The two cited signs are major symptoms of erectile dysfunction. But sometimes, the decrease in sexual desire can be seen as one of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men. Especially if reducing sexual desire is accompanied by an erection problem.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

One of the important issues regarding erectile dysfunction is its treatment. Treatment for erectile dysfunction can vary according to the cause of it. By knowing the cause of erectile dysfunction in men, treatment can be done. But in general, lifestyle modification, nutritional reform, and the treatment of mental illness as the best treatment for erectile dysfunction are commonly referred to in most cases.

But sometimes the above methods may not be effective in treating erectile dysfunction. In this case, it may be necessary to use therapies such as the use of erectile dysfunction pills such as Male Extra or a penis extender such as PHALLOSAN forte or other therapies such as surgery. The choice of treatment depends on the cause of erectile dysfunction and some other factors. In some cases, it may be necessary to use several treatments simultaneously to treat erectile dysfunction. Anyway, the chosen treatment should be such that it can lead to effective treatment of erectile dysfunction. Perhaps the cost of some therapies is high, but it is better to pay attention to the quality of treatment than the cost of it for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Erectile Dysfunction Cure: Male Enhancement Pills

As said before, using erectile dysfunction pills or male enhancement pills is one of the methods for treating erectile dysfunction. Male enhancement pills or erectile dysfunction pills have ingredients that make blood flow better for the penis. This helps to nourish better the cells and tissues of the penis, and as a result, the function of the penis improves. Penis function enhancement can help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Of course, the effect of various male enhancement pills can be different, and this is due to their constituent elements. The Male Extra Pills are one of the male enhancement and erectile dysfunction pills that consists of natural ingredients. This pill helps the bigger, harder and longer lasting erection for the penis. You can read the Male Extra Reviews for more information on the Male Extra™ Pills.


Erectile Dysfunction Remedy: Penis Extender

In addition to male enhancement pills, the use of a Penis Extender is another method that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Of course, the main task of a male extender is to enlarge the penis, but it can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction. A penis extender is a small mechanical device that is placed over the penis for some time to enlarge the penis. In this regard, we can point to the PHALLOSAN forte, which is a new idea and unique design in the field of penis extenders. To learn more about Phallosan forte extender, you can read Phallosan forte Review article in this regard.


ED Treatment: Penis Pump

Using a penis pump is another way to treat erectile dysfunction. The penis pump, like the penis extender, is a mechanical device, but it is different. Penile pump is also used to enlarge the penis and fix some penis problems, such as erectile dysfunction. Penis pump helps with penis stimulation by using vacuum and penis extension, which helps to improve penile function.


Natural ED Treatment

The natural way to treat erectile dysfunction involves those treatments that are performed using a natural method without the use of pills or extenders or surgery, or the like. Following a healthy and nutritional diet is one of the natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Since some of the erectile dysfunction is due to unhealthy and inappropriate nutrition, thus, diet correction can lead to the treatment of erectile dysfunction in some cases. A sample diet plan for the natural treatment of erectile dysfunction is to reduce the consumption of cold foods (foods cold in nature) such as yogurt, cucumbers, kiwi, chicken and eggplant, and increase the consumption of hot foods (foods hot in nature) like pure honey, dates, raisins, leeks and bananas. Eating boiled potatoes also increases sexual power in men and can be useful for treating erectile dysfunction. See natural libido booster food article for another way in boosting libido which also helps in ED treatment. Also, removing genital hair is also very important in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Natural ED Cure: Pomegranate

In addition to the natural methods used to treat erectile dysfunction as discussed above, one of the natural remedies for treating and even preventing erectile dysfunction is the use of pomegranate in men. Pomegranate juice plays an important role in improving male libido. According to a study, pomegranate juice has beneficial effects on erectile dysfunction and can improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. More useful information in this area can be found in pomegranate juice for men article.


ED Surgery

If the above-mentioned methods (nutrition correction, natural treatment of erectile dysfunction, use of male enhancement pills, penis extenders or use of the penis pump and other similar methods) do not work for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, in this case, maybe the only way to treat is to use a surgical technique.



In this article, we talked about erectile dysfunction, which is one of the most important problems in men. We defined the erectile dysfunction and expressed its symptoms. We also highlighted some of the reasons for erectile dysfunction and discussed some of the ways to treat it. We hope you find this helpful.


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