Foods That Increase Libido in Men

Foods That Increase Libido

It is a great idea to enhance libido in natural ways, and knowing the foods that increase libido in men can help them a great deal. The use of libido enhancing foods is important because almost all men (except in exceptional cases) can use them. You may be familiar with some libido boosting foods and may not know enough about others. Improving male libido through nutrition has no side effects. It is possible that some foods may be harmful to some men due to their physical condition or illness, but in general, the use of dietary methods to increase lust is one of the healthiest ways to stimulate and boost sexual power in men.

Male sexual organs, like other organs in his body, require proper and adequate nutrition, and malnutrition can impair the functioning of these organs, which can lead to problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED), loss of libido and so on. Using male enhancement supplements such as penis pills (eg Male Extra) is one way to compensate for the deficiency of minerals and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the sexual organs in men. This in turn can be helpful. But for men with restricted use of male libido enhancing supplements, the use of nutrition to up their sexual ability can be a wise solution. The use of the foods listed here can not only increase male libido but can also improve the quality, motility and count of sperm in men.

In this article, we will point out some of the male sexual desire enhancing foods. It should be noted, however, that these foods are not just for men, as many of these foods can also be used to increase libido in women.

Use the following list of 26 foods that increase libido.


Foods to boost libido and sex drive in men


1Pure Honey

pure honey: boost libido in men

If we say that honey is one of the best and most excellent foods on earth, we are not exaggerating. Honey has many benefits for our body and one of its benefits is to help boost and improve libido in men. The role of pure honey in enhancing male libido is enormous. Natural honey has a positive effect on male sperm, in addition to increasing libido and boosting masculinity. Honey is a powerful, nutritious, energy efficient, energizing and sexually stimulating food that has a significant impact on the treatment of all types of impotence in men. Natural honey is one of the best foods to boost libido in men and women. Honey is a very good nutrient for the body that can be used alone or with other foods or medicinal plants. Of course, these are about the effects of natural (pure) honey, and this article is not about abnormal honey or other syrups that have only the name of honey. One of the problems for men that can affect intercourse is physical and energy weakness. Some men, despite having high libido, may not be able to have proper sexual intercourse because of their physical weakness and insufficient energy. Pure honey provides appropriate energy for a good sexual activity.


dates: improve libido in men

Yes Dates! Dates are one of the natural viagra foods for boosting libido in men. Due to the high amount of phosphorus, dates enhance the structure of nerve tissue composition and the strength of brain cells, especially the cells that are responsible for the reproductive, sexual and thought functions. It is well-known to say that the sexual process requires centralized mental activity, which in turn consumes a large amount of brain phosphorus, which plays a direct role in the process of activity, motility and vitality of nerve cells. Phosphorus in the dates plays a direct role in nerve cells, and in other words phosphorus in dates is used directly in the nerve cells that are responsible for sending internal and external neuronal messages to the brain. Dates are particularly important due to the high amounts of manganese minerals that play a large role in the relaxation of the joint organs in the sexual process. On the other hand, dates are rich in potassium, which has an amazing effect on the regulation of electrical stimulation and muscle contraction. So the sex process begins with the brain's electrical chemical messages through the nerve fibers to the muscles. One of the most important factors responsible for this nerve current in transmitting these messages is potassium, which is rich in dates. Dates are rich in vitamin B3 (niacin) B2, (riboflavin), B1 (thiamin) and vitamin A, due to their high nutritional value for the nervous system and the nervous system and therefore for the health of the nervous system and the nerve messages that are sent from the brain are desperately needed, and they regulate the thinking and thinking system so that these nerve currents are transmitted to the muscles and cause them to contract. As a result, if healthy nutrition is provided (dates are one of the best), the nerves and muscles are well placed in the vital healthy field of action, providing the basis for a healthy and energetic sexual process. It is best to eat a few dates in the morning fasting.


raisin: food for boosting libido

If you have weak libido, include raisins in your food basket. Raisins are one of the foods that increase male libido. Raisins contain valuable nutrients such as carbohydrate, fiber, fat, protein, vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E and K, Calcium, Iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and selenium. Along with the many benefits mentioned for raisins, one of the most important properties of raisins is the arousal. Raisins warm the man's body, increase his lust and boost libido, as well as increase male desire for sexual intercourse. Read the increase male libido: just using raisins article for more information on the effects of raisins on male enhancement issue.


potatoes: enhance male libido

Potatoes are one of the best male sexual enhancement foods. Potatoes increase the libido due to its phosphorus. Potatoes contain minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, sulfur, chlorine, potassium, sodium and vitamins A, B1, B3, B6 and C. One of the best types of cooked potatoes is boiled potatoes. According to the results of one study, boiled potatoes increase happiness and cure depression by increasing the secretion of serotonin. So eating potatoes (especially boiled potatoes) can increase libido in men and increase happiness, which makes sexual intercourse enjoyable. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium that help fight hypertension (one of the factors that increases the risk of erectile dysfunction). It is also rich in beta-carotene, which provides the body with vitamin A and may help with infertility.


onion: male libido increase with food

Onion is a valuable and useful food for boosting male vigor and sex drive. Men who want to increase their libido try to consume onions on a regular basis. Onions are a natural aphrodisiac and therefore useful for the rapid and natural improvement of the sexual power and male vigor. Onion is a rich source of vitamins A, B and C. Onion also contains folate, calcium, phosphorus, chromium, magnesium and iron. Onions have effects such as boosting immunity and body stamina, boosting libido, increasing testosterone levels, reducing the risk of developing cancers, reducing the risk of colorectal cancer, increasing male genital resistance, lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow, improving mood, skin and hair health, boosting the cardiovascular system, lowering blood lipids, increasing sperm production, increasing sperm count, increasing sperm motility, boosting the male sex system, fighting Alzheimer's, boosting reproductive power and controlling blood sugar levels.


almond: enhance male libido

Almond has plenty of selenium and zinc, in addition, omega-3 fatty acids found in almonds can naturally increase blood flow and libido in men. Almonds reduce bad blood cholesterol (LDL), which reduces blood concentration and improves blood flow in the body. Improving blood circulation can improve the nourishment of the sex cells, leading to increased libido.

7Black pepper (Bioperine)

black pepper - bioperine

Black pepper is one of the foods that boosts libido in men. Black pepper is considered as the "King of Spices". Black pepper increases blood flow and speeds up blood supply to the reproductive system and nourishes the sex cells, thereby stimulating sexual desire in men. Bioperine is an extract of black pepper that is used in some medicinal compounds such as VigRx Plus Pills.


fig: up male libido

Fig has high levels of amino acids and dramatically increases libido in men. Traditional medicine has referred to fig as a sexual power booster. If you are looking to boost your libido, eat 3 figs a day.

9Damask Rose

damask rose: male sexual desire

Damask rose is another food for men that boosts libido, is joyful and also relieves depression. Damask roses are a medication for treating depression and enhancing sexual arousal. Rose is a natural anxiolytic and can help relieve stress-induced sexual dysfunction. Damask roses help increase libido by balancing sex hormones. Damask rose can be used in various forms such as rose extract, rose water, rose jam or as a spice in the preparation of other foods.


ginger: male libido enhancement

Ginger is another natural nutrient that increases libido by increasing blood flow and improving arterial health. In fact, consuming one teaspoon a few times a week can help you reap all of its benefits, including its benefits to the heart.


cinnamon: foods that enhance libido

Cinnamon is one of the valuable nutrients that improves libido. Cinnamon enhances libido and, in general, enhances sex drive. Cinnamon can be used in the form of powder, stick and oil. The most common way cinnamon is used as cinnamon powder for baking pastries, sprinkled on coffee or tea and just mixed with honey and eaten direct. However because cinnamon powder goes stale quickly many people buy the cinnamon stick and use it whole in cooking. The cinnamon oil which is made by steam distillation the leaves of the cinnamon tree or cinnamon bark is heavily used in food processing, fine perfumes, aroma therapy, medication and disinfectants. One of the easiest ways to consume cinnamon for men is to eat cinnamon with pure honey as a breakfast chocolate, which can have a tremendous impact on male sexual desire.


saffron: foods that increase libido

Saffron is an important food ingredient in human life that is used in the preparation of a variety of foods. The greatest property of saffron is the property of creating happiness. Saffron makes people happy. Saffron has many other properties besides creating happiness, among them: Saffron plays an important role in improving mood, enhancing memory, reducing stress and anxiety and depression and enhancing libido. The results of six studies showed that saffron consumption significantly improved male erectile function, sexual desire, and overall satisfaction. Saffron consumption in men who take antidepressants and have erectile dysfunction can help improve erection. On the other hand, the antioxidant properties of saffron reduce blood cholesterol, which helps improve blood circulation in the body and nourishes the sexual organs cells better. Having happiness and a good mood during intercourse can make it even more enjoyable. Help increase your libido by adding saffron to your diet.


vanilla: for libido boosting

Vanilla is well known for its pleasant aroma and flavor and we may know vanilla with its excellent flavor and aroma and may not know much about its benefits. Vanilla can be used to stimulate appetite, reduce stress, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and anti-insomnia, disinfectant, help with weight loss. In addition to all these properties, vanilla also has another property that is sexually stimulating. Vanilla is a natural sexual desire stimulant that boosts libido. In some south american countries, vanilla is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.


nutmeg: male libido improvement

Nutmeg is another food and in fact one of the great spices to treat sexual problems and increase libido. Indian nutmeg can enhance sexual power because it dilates the veins and relaxes the muscles and the eugenol contained in it is responsible for this characteristic of nutmeg. Meanwhile, magnesium and potassium in the nutmeg can provide the nutrients needed to produce male sex hormones.


carrot: libido booster foods

Carrots, especially the yellow one, play a role in the treatment of male impotence. Carrot enhances sexual desire, increase semen volume and improve erection in men. In addition to the carrot itself, carrot seeds also enhance sexual desire. Carrot jam is one of the best foods to boost sexual desire in men.

16Bee Pollen

bee pollen: boost male libido food

The flower pollen, also known as bee pollen and even sometimes referred to as a whole food, has extraordinary properties for the body and contains over 96 different nutrients. Flower pollen contains all kinds of micronutrients essential for the health of the body. About 40% of flower pollen is made up of proteins, all of which are useful and usable for the body. Bee pollen plays an important role in reducing stress, boosting general body vigor, losing weight, reducing anger, increasing relaxation, reducing prostate inflammation, prostate health, reducing allergy symptoms, reducing depression, enhancing memory and focus and ability of the mind as well as preventing premature aging. But one of the important properties of flower pollen is the effect on sexual desire and sexual arousal. Researchers have confirmed the presence of sex drive stimulating hormones in pollen. Pollen has many effects on the treatment of prostate inflammation and on the treatment of male infertility and impotence due to its high levels of zinc. Bee pollen improves blood circulation by nourishing the body's cells, including the cells of the sexual organs. Consumption of pollen with natural honey increases and stimulates sexual desire in men. Flower pollen also enhances men's physical ability and energy levels, making it easier for men to have intercourse.


banana: natural viagra foods

Tropical fruit banana is rich in simple carbohydrates that provide energy and potassium, soothing minerals and preventing muscle cramps that may interfere with your intercourse.

18Pomegranate and Pomegranate Juice

pomegranate and pomegranate juice: male libido increase

Pomegranate and pomegranate juice have a great role in boosting libido and enhancing erection in men. For more information on this, please read the increase male libido with pomegranate and pomegranate juice for men articles.


melon: foods for boosting libido

Do not neglect melon to boost your libido. Eating melon increases sexual desire. Because of its warm nature, melon has a high nutritional value, can play a role in enhancing sexual fluids and helping to form germ, and can also increase sexual desire.


pistachio: natural viagra food

The most important property of pistachio, which is also popular, is its blood forming properties. Pistachio is a blood forming food. Pistachio has useful moisture for the body. The pistachio nut is warm in nature and has very good sex hormones to boost sexual energy. Pistachios have a lower amount of fat and calories but higher amounts of potassium. Eating pistachios reduces bad blood cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the blood. Lowering bad blood cholesterol levels and increasing good blood cholesterol levels will greatly help strengthen the heart and improve blood flow. Improving blood circulation is crucial to boosting libido, improving erection, and boosting male fertility. Pistachio is a valuable food especially in male diet. Pistachio boosts sexual drive and libido and also boosts sexual fluid production.


grape: viagra food

Grape is another sex enhancing and libido boosting food. Grapes are available in different colors. One of the best foods to boost libido is red grape juice. Wrinkled grape is one of the best foods to boost male sperm. Black grapes relieve sadness. Eat grapes of different colors to enjoy the numerous properties of grapes, especially to enhance your libido.


egg: viagra foods for men

Egg with onion and olive oil is one of the best foods to boost male sex drive. Please refer to the natural libido booster food article in this area.


strawberry: viagra fruit

Strawberry is another libido enhancer food. Strawberry is rich in antioxidants, which is very useful for the arteries and the heart and improves blood circulation in our body. Good blood circulation is one of the important factors for proper sexual function in men. In addition, this attractive fruit contains a large amount of vitamin C, which along with antioxidants play an important role in maintaining high sperm count in men.

24Olive Oil

olive oil: male natural libido booster

Incorporate olive oil into your diet plan for having a strong libido. Olive oil improves libido and reduces impotence by up to 40% by keeping the inner wall of blood vessels healthy and helping better blood circulation. Olive oil also significantly increases the level of testosterone in men, which improves erection in men and prevents erectile dysfunction.


garlic: libido enhancement

Garlic is another food that boosts libido. If you have a loss of libido, add garlic to your food basket. Garlic has many benefits to our health, and improving sexual desire in men is just one of its benefits. If you are concerned about the smell of garlic after eating it, you can eat some parsley after eating garlic.

26White Sesame Seeds

white sesame seeds

One of the foods that have a role in enhancing male libido is white sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are rich in minerals such as iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Iron and zinc play an important role in the activity of sex cells. Zinc in sesame seeds plays an important role in improving and increasing the male hormone testosterone. In a study of 22 men with low testosterone and sperm levels, they were advised to use zinc daily for 45 to 50 days. Following this recommendation, it was observed that the levels of testosterone and the count of sperms were significantly increased. Also, calcium and magnesium in sesame seeds reduce stress and anxiety and in this way have an important role in the vitality of sexual intercourse. Sesame also reduces the level of bad blood cholesterol (LDL) which in turn contributes to heart health and improves blood circulation, thereby better nourishing the body's cells, including the male reproductive cells. It can play an important role in boosting libido, improving erection, and treating early ejaculation.


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