Impotence: Signs and Symptoms

Impotence: Signs and Symptoms

What is impotence and what are its signs and symptoms? What is the relationship between erectile dysfunction and impotence in men? From what signs can one recognize that a man has a sexual weakness? The weakness of sexual instinct can be manifested in different periods of men's life, and is not limited to a specific period of their life. But with increasing age, the risk of impotence increases in men too. In this article, we point out some symptoms of sexual weakness in men, and if you also have such symptoms, you may be affected by a problem of impotence, and you need to take the necessary actions to cure it.

Some symptoms of impotence in men include:

  • Ejaculation in men occurs very quickly (premature ejaculation)
  • The time to reach orgasm is very short
  • There is erectile dysfunction (erection is not enough)
  • A man is not fully satisfied
  • One does not have the ability to complete sexual intercourse
  • Getting bad tempered

Now we want to describe these symptoms in order to have a better understanding of these signs.

Ejaculation in Men Occurs Very Quickly (Premature Ejaculation)

Premature ejaculation can be a sign of impotence in men. Premature ejaculation causes a man not to enjoy sexual intercourse with his wife. Also, early ejaculation can cause a woman's unhappiness in her sex relationship with her husband. Sometimes premature ejaculation can be temporary, and in this case, it is a natural problem and not a concern. But if the issue of early ejaculation is permanent and chronic, it is better to be treated. If you also suffer from premature ejaculation, it's better to check your sexual status and see if you have impotence or not.

The Time to Reach Orgasm Is Very Short

Getting to orgasm is great, but the problem sometimes happens is that the time a man reaches orgasm is very short. This problem makes it difficult for a man to enjoy sex with his wife and, on the other hand, because of the short time of sex, it is possible that a woman can not be fully satisfied. This can have an adverse effect on the relationship between a man and his wife. One of the signs of sexual ability is that a man reaches orgasm in a reasonable time, so that he is satisfied and able to satisfy his wife. If you get orgasms in a very short time, you may have a type of impotence. In this case, it's best to consult a specialist to resolve this problem.

There Is Erectile Dysfunction (Erection Is Not Enough)

An important problem that can be a sign of impotence in men is erectile dysfunction. An erection is necessary for having a successful sexual intercourse. If the penis does not get enough erection, intercourse will not be successful and satisfying. Therefore, if a man has erectile dysfunction so that his penis does not get enough erection, it can be said that he has a sexual weakness. Erectile dysfunction in men can be a temporary problem or a chronic problem. Temporary erectile dysfunction is not a concern, but chronic erectile dysfunction should be taken seriously and treated appropriately. Different methods can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, one of which is the use of Erectile Dysfunction Pills.

A Man Is Not Fully Satisfied

Another problem that can be a sign of sexual weakness in men is that a man is not fully satisfied. There are problems that cause a man to not be fully satisfied during sexual intercourse. This can be a temporary or a permanent issue. If you are sometimes not fully satisfied with sexual intercourse, it's not important, but if this problem persists, it can be a sign of sexual dysfunction and impotence. In such a situation, try to check the cause of your non fully satisfaction, and if necessary, consult a specialist to resolve your problem. If a man is not fully satisfied, he can suffer from many physical and mental problems.

One Does Not Have the Ability to Complete Sexual Intercourse

If a man fails to complete a sexual intercourse, this can be a symptom of sexual disability (impotence) in that man. If you can not completely finish sexual intercourse with your wife, and this situation happens to you most of the time, you may have a sexual weakness.

Getting Bad Tempered

Maybe you wonder if bad temper can be a sign of sexual impotence! No wonder! If a man fails to fully satisfy his libido, this can have a negative effect on his temper. If you think your temper is bad and you get angry immediately, for example, this may be your lack of satisfaction and your sexual weakness. In such a case, try to consult a specialist to determine if your severity is due to a lack of sexual satisfaction or it has another reason.


In this article, we talked about some of the related symptoms of impotence. Impotence can have other symptoms, but these are among the most important signs of impotence. If you see any of these symptoms in yourself, you can consult a specialist to check your sexual ability and to ensure the lack of sexual dysfunction. Taking male enhancement pills, such as Male Extra, is one of the ways to strengthen sexual power and overcome impotence in men.


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