Increase Male Fertility: Pills and Supplements

Increase Male Fertility: Pills

How to increase male fertility? What is the way to boost the chance of fertility in men? What are the supplements to boost fertility in men? Are there pills to increase the chance of fertility in men? One of the issues that is most discussed today is the issue of male infertility. Some men have infertility problems and therefore cannot have children. In this article, we are going to talk about the problem of infertility in men and how to treat it. We hope this article is helpful to men and paves the way for their infertility treatment.


Male Fertility

Male fertility refers to a man's ability to conceive a fertile woman. Male fertility is an essential requirement for a woman to become pregnant. Fertility in men is directly related to the presence of sperm in semen as well as sperm health. The presence of sperm in men's semen is essential for their fertility, but it is not enough. In addition to the presence of sperm in the semen of men, the health of sperm is also very important for a man to be fertile. Sperm health includes: Sperm Count (sperm population), Sperm Motility (sperm mobility), Sperm Morphology (sperm shape) and Semen Volume. In order for a man to be able to have children, he must have sperm, and in addition, the count, motility, and shape of his sperm must be in a normal and acceptable state. If any of the characteristics: count, speed and morphology of sperm or semen volume are in an unfavorable condition, this may lead to male infertility.

Let's take a closer look at each of these sperm specifications and also semen volume.


Sperm Count

The first factor that plays a role in male fertility and is a factor in sperm health is the number of sperms. When a man ejaculates, a certain amount of sperm floating in the semen is released from the man's body. Sperm are male reproductive cells present in the semen and comes out of the man's body during ejaculation. The average sperm count is between 40 million to 300 million per milliliter of semen. Through semen analysis tests, a man's sperm count can be identified and the doctor can give him this information. From a sperm count, a man's fertility or infertility can be assessed to some extent. But this is not the whole story! Although normal sperm counts are a necessity for male fertility, low sperm counts are not the only cause of male infertility, and there are other options involved that must be mentioned too.


Sperm Motility

Sperm are motile cells that swim freely in semen. Sperm motility refers to the movement and swimming of sperm. Poor sperm motility means that sperm do not move and swim properly and effectively, which can lead to male infertility. In order for sperm to be able to fertilize an egg, it must be properly motile. When it comes to a woman's pregnancy, sperm motility is an important issue to consider. If sperm motility is low for any reason, it can cause problems for male fertility and may deprive them of having children and expanding the family. Bad sperm motility can prevent you from achieving your dreams of family growth and expansion. Therefore, in order for sperms to be able to fertilize an egg, it is necessary for them to be properly motile. In some men, sperm motility can be low for a variety of reasons, and treatment is needed to increase sperm motility in this group of men.


Sperm Morphology

Another property of sperm that is very important for male fertility is the shape of the sperm. The shape of the sperm, also called the sperm morphology, is one of the most important options in the study of male fertility. Sperm morphology is a part of the semen analysis test. The results of sperm morphology in the semen analysis test are expressed as a percentage of sperm with normal shape that can be seen under a microscope. Therefore, a man with a higher percentage of sperm with an abnormal shape, has the lower rate of fertility. Sperm morphology refers to both the shape and size of the sperm seen under a microscope. Now the question that can be asked here is: what is the normal shape of a sperm? A normal sperm has:

  • A smooth, oval-shaped head that is 5-6 micrometers long and 2.5-3.5 micrometers wide (less than the size of a needle point)
  • A well-defined cap (acrosome) that covers 40% to 70% of the sperm head
  • No visible abnormality of neck, midpiece, and tail
  • No fluid droplets in the sperm head that are bigger than one half of the sperm head size

Therefore, treatment to increase the number of sperms with a normal shape can increase a man's hope for fertility.


Semen Volume

The semen volume is one of the most important factors in assessing male fertility. Although a higher semen volume may not be a sure sign of a higher sperm count, however, a minimum volume of semen is required to carry the sperms through the female reproductive region. A normal semen volume ranges from 2 to 5 ml (milliliter) per ejaculation.


Healthy Sperm

What determines healthy sperm? Sperm health depends on a number of factors, including the quantity, movement, and structure of the sperm.

  • Quantity: If a man has at least 15 million sperm per milliliter in an ejaculation, he can most likely be fertile. Low sperm counts in an ejaculation can make it difficult for a woman to conceive. When the sperm count is low, there will be fewer candidates available to fertilize the egg.
  • Movement: To reach and fertilize an egg, sperm must move through a woman's cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes (swim and wriggle) to reach the egg. This is known as sperm motility.If at least 40 percent of a man's sperm is motile enough, the man is more likely to be fertile.
  • Structure (shape or morphology): A normal sperm has an oval head and a long tail,which interact and work together to propel it (move sperm forward). Although sperm shape is not as important as sperm count and motility, the more sperm a man has with normal shape and structure, the more likely he is to be fertile.


How to Increase Male Fertility?

The question that may arise for men with low fertility is: How to Increase Male Fertility? Since male fertility can decline for a variety of reasons, it seems that one of the concerns of men who want to have children is to increase their fertility. But how can the power of fertility be increased in men? To answer this question, it should be noted that the reduction of male fertility has different causes and factors, and according to different conditions of men, these causes and factors can be variable. Improper lifestyle, poor nutrition, smoking and opioids, taking certain medications, stress, lack of adequate sleep and many other factors can negatively affect male fertility and reduce their fertility. All of the above factors can negatively affect men's sperm and reduce their fertility. Therefore, following the instructions that lead to sperm health will have a positive effect on male fertility.


Sperm Health Increase

Sperms are a means of male fertility, and in order for men to have children, maintaining and increasing sperm health must be one of their top priorities in their lives. But one question that may arise is: How can sperm health be increased? Just as there are many causes for decreased male fertility, there are many different ways to increase male fertility. Dietary modification, lifestyle modification, as well as the use of supplements are three important ways to increase sperm health.

In the How to Increase Sperm Count article, some of the principles of lifestyle and nutritional change are mentioned to increase sperm count. Lifestyle changes and diet changes can take a long time, and many men may not be able to do them properly for a variety of reasons. These changes in men's lives may be tied to other issues that cannot be easily modified. But an easier way to increase the fertility of most men is to use male fertility supplements.


Male Fertility Supplements

What are male fertility supplements? Male fertility supplements are an easy way to increase fertility of men that can make the dream of having a child a reality. One of the male fertility supplements is male fertility pills. A male fertility pill contains substances that increase sperm health and can improve a man's fertility. The ingredients in the composition of these pills can be natural or chemical. An example of a male fertility capsule that contains natural ingredients (ingredients backed by scientific studies & positive clinical results) is VIGRX FERTILITY FACTOR 5. Fertility Factor 5 is an all-natural and non-invasive way to improve male fertility starting in JUST 3 MONTHS! VigRX Fertility Factor 5: Increases Sperm Population (count), Improves Sperm Shape (morphology), Boosts Sperm Movement (motility), Enlarges Semen Volume and Supports Male Reproductive Function. If you want to know more about this supplement for male fertility, you can read the Fertility Factor 5 Reviews article, which provides useful information about this pill.



Pregnancy and having children is one of the goals of sexual intercourse for men. To do this, a man must be fertile enough to conceive his wife. Sperm health is one of the main needs for male fertility. To increase male fertility, sperm health needs to be increased. There are several ways to increase male fertility as well as increase sperm health, one of which is to use male fertility supplements. An example of a male fertility supplement called VIGRX FERTILITY FACTOR 5 was mentioned in this article. Using supplements such as vigrx fertility factor 5 is a simple and inexpensive way to increase male fertility and give them hope for having children and expanding their families.


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