Male Fertility Pills

Male Fertility Pills

What are male fertility pills and what can they do for men? What effect do fertility pills have on increasing male fertility? Can male infertility treatment pills increase a man's chances of having children? How do male infertility medications work? Do you have any questions like the ones above and want to get a proper answer?


Male Infertility

Infertility in men means that a man is unable to conceive a fertile woman. It is not possible to say exactly what percentage of men in different countries are infertile, and for this it is necessary to refer to the official statistics of a country. However, despite official statistics, it is still difficult to estimate infertile men accurately. This is because some men may not be aware of their infertility for various reasons due to lack of marriage or other issues, or their infertility may not even be recorded in the official statistics of a country for various reasons. However, statistics show that some men are infertile. Men's infertility prevents them from having children. Men's infertility can also affect their marital life.

Infertility may be primary or secondary. In primary infertility, men are not able to have children from the beginning, but in secondary infertility, fertile men may later become infertile for a variety of reasons. However, infertility in men is an important issue that not only affects their lives but also has negative effects on society.


What Causes Infertility in Men?

Sperm incompetence is the major cause of infertility in men. Ineffective sperm cannot fertilize the egg, leading to the inability of men to conceive fertile women. But the inability of sperm to fertilize the egg is the result of behind-the-scenes factors! In fact, the behind-the-scenes factors are the main causes of male infertility, and they do so by disrupting sperm efficiency. But what are these factors? Here are some of these factors:

  • Aging: Aging is one of the causes of sperm weakness. As men get older, their physical abilities decline, and sperm are one of the things that are affected by aging. Aging is one of the factors that cannot be eliminated. To increase sperm health in older men, using male fertility increase supplements can be helpful.
  • Inadequate and Improper Nutrition: Nutrition plays a key role in our health.Minerals and vitamins necessary for the growth and health of the body's cells are provided by nutrition. Sperm health in men is directly related to their nutrition.Nutrition should be both adequate and appropriate so that sperm can be produced in adequate amounts and function healthily. Nutrition has a direct effect on sperm production, sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm shape.Adequate and healthy nutrition and avoidance of harmful foods for sperm can help sperm health and increase male fertility.
  • Life Style: Lifestyle has a direct effect on male infertility. Stress and depression, smoking, alcohol consumption, being overweight, taking certain medications, how to sleep, etc. all affect male fertility. Research shows that if a man suffers from severe depression, the chances of a woman getting pregnant are reduced. In addition, depression in men may cause sexual dysfunction due to decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and delayed or inhibited ejaculation. Stress can interfere with certain hormones needed to produce sperm and disrupt the normal process of sperm production. Severe or prolonged emotional stress can negatively affect sperm counts and can lead to infertility problems in men. Men who smoke may have lower sperm counts than men who do not smoke. Avoid alcohol, if you want to have a healthy fertility and, in general, to have a healthy life. Alcohol is not only harmful to humans, but also destroys the intellect. Obesity can also impair fertility in several ways; Overweight can directly impact sperm themselves or reduce male fertility by causing hormonal changes in the body. Some medications can negatively affect men's fertility and reduce their fertility. Anabolic steroids used to stimulate muscle strength and growth can shrink the testicles and reduce sperm production. Sleep quality can also affect male fertility as well as sperm health. Getting enough sleep at the right time will help your body function better. Try not to miss the night sleep. Not getting enough sleep at night in men can negatively affect their sperm health and cause them to become infertile or exacerbate their infertility.
  • Environmental Factors: Sometimes, several environmental factors can negatively affect fertility in men. Among the environmental factors involved in male infertility are: air pollution, industrial chemicals, exposure to heavy metals, radiation therapy and X-rays, overheating of the testicles due to activities such as long-term cycling, radiation, excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation and so on. In order to maintain male fertility and prevent sperm damage, destructive environmental factors should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Health, Diseases and Medical Factors: Male infertility can be caused by a number of health issues and medical treatments. Some of these include: Varicocele, infection, ejaculation problems, antibodies attacking sperm, tumors, undescended testicles, hormone imbalance, sperm transporter tube defects, chromosome defects, sexual intercourse problems, celiac disease, certain medications and previous surgeries.

Is it possible to have healthy sperm and restore male fertility by eliminating these factors? The fact of the matter is that eliminating these factors can play a very important role in sperm health and increase male fertility. But sometimes, this alone may not be enough and you may need to take supplements to boost and heal your sperm. One reason for this is that some factors, such as aging, cannot be eliminated at all! You can't rejuvenate an older man to have healthier sperm! But with male fertility supplements, we can increase fertility in this group of men. We will talk about this in the rest of this article.


Diagnosis of Infertility in Men

How can male infertility be diagnosed? Men's infertility is related to sperm problems and all the factors that affect sperm health and prevent healthy sperm from reaching the female body to fertilize the egg. One of the most important tests performed today to diagnose male fertility and can determine sperm status in terms of count, shape and motility is the semen analysis test. When a couple has difficulty conceiving, semen analysis is often recommended for men. Sperm analysis tests can largely determine whether a man is fertile or infertile by showing sperm status in terms of number, shape, and motility. Most cases of male infertility are related to low sperm quality and low or zero sperm count. In addition to the sperm analysis test performed in the laboratory, a simple home male fertility test can also tell if a man is fertile. This test is described in the male fertility test at home article.


Treatment of Male Infertility

What are the ways to treat male infertility? To treat infertility in men, the cause or causes of infertility must first be determined so that the necessary steps can be taken. In this article, we talk about infertility treatment in cases where sperms have problems, and other cases of male infertility, including zero sperm or other causes, are not discussed here. There are several ways to boost sperm, including nutritional correction and using male fertility boosting supplements. Here's how to treat male infertility using male fertility supplements, especially male fertility pills.


Male Fertility Booster

Let's see what a male fertility booster is. Any product that can boost fertility in men can be called a male fertility booster. Today, many products can be found on the market to enhance male fertility with different names and brands. These products are generally known as male fertility supplements.


Male Fertility Supplements

Today, supplements are marketed as male fertility supplements. A supplement to boost male fertility can be a natural or chemical combination of ingredients that help improve fertility in males. As discussed earlier, sperm problems are one of the leading causes of infertility in men. Sperm must be present in sufficient amounts in semen. In addition, sperm must have a normal shape (morphology) and also have good motility. A male fertility boosting supplement should be able to enhance and boost these three sperm traits (count, shape and motility) needed to fertilize an egg.


Male Fertility Pills

Male fertility pills are a subset of male fertility supplements that are produced in pill form. Like other male fertility enhancement supplements, male fertility boosting pills contain ingredients that are used to boost sperm health and increase fertility in men. These pills with different names and brands are available in the market. Elements in the composition of men's fertility pills can be natural or chemical. One of the male fertility pills that contains powerful natural ingredients is VigRX Fertility Factor 5. In the rest of this article, we want to introduce this male fertility boosting pill to you so you know more about it.


VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Pills

The VigRX Plus is a popular male enhancement pill. It's a fresh twist on VigRX, but has been designed to further enhance men's sexual functioning with the addition of three exciting new ingredients: Damiana, Tribulus, and Bioperine. VigRX is a known brand. Using this brand, VigRX manufacturing company has developed a male fertility booster pill called Fertility Factor 5, which has been marketed as VigRX Fertility Factor 5 due to the use of the VigRX brand.

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Pills

If you’re trying to conceive, but male infertility factor issues are preventing you and the low count, poor shape and bad motility of sperms are keeping you from achieving your dreams of starting a family, then an Affordable Male Fertility Pill is here to help you to grow & expand your family today.

"…patients showed significant improvement in all semen parameters."

"There were statistically significant improvements in sperm concentration and sperm morphology…"

"…spontaneous pregnancies were achieved…"

These are the results of a groundbreaking clinical trial published in an Asian Journal of Andrology and were achieved using an all-natural patented breakthrough called LJ100. What’s fascinating is a recent clinical trial showed LJ100 improved sperm parameters in 100% of participants in just 3 months:

  • INCREASED SPERM QUALITY65.5%10.59 ± 2.06 to 17.53 ± 5.04
  • INCREASE PERCENTAGE OF SPERM94.9%5.28 ± 0.66 to 10.29 ± 2.52

That means in just 3 months LJ100 helped men with male factor issues:

  • Increase sperm count
  • Improve sperm shape & motility
  • Increase semen volume

and not only that! Spontaneous pregnancies occurred during this clinical trial too! These incredible results happened for couples trying to conceive for over five years on average.

Ok, these are amazing results for LJ100 and the good news is that LJ100 is an important part of the VigRX Fertility Factor 5 formula. LJ100 is a patented extract developed by MIT researchers shown in clinical studies to increase sperm count, motility and shape. In addition to LJ100, this male fertility pill contains ingredients such as Zinc, Selenium, Panax Ginseng, and BioPerine. Zinc and Selenium are both in this formula because studies show that low levels of these nutrients could be detrimental to sperm health and development. Panax Ginseng has been traditionally used for centuries to support male sexual health and now modern science is proving it. Studies show Panax Ginseng is beneficial for male reproductive health and fertility. BioPerine is like a natural health supplement “supercharger”. This patented black pepper extract is clinically proven to increase the bioavailability of nutrients. Meaning, BioPerine can help improve the effectiveness of FF5’s formula even more! These 5 proven ingredients (LJ100, Zinc, Selenium, Panax Ginseng, BioPerine) are what make up FF5’s revolutionary fertility formula.

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is for couples who want to conceive naturally, but who are struggling with male fertility factors. These male fertility factors can include: Low sperm count, poor sperm shape and poor motility. Fertility Factor 5 is an all-natural formula with ingredients clinically shown to improve sperm count, shape and motility. FF5 also has additional male reproductive health benefits. You can find more information about this pill in the Fertility Factor 5 Reviews article.



Infertility is one of the major problems for men. This problem is mostly due to sperm problems, including low sperm motility, sperm counts and abnormal sperm shape (morphology). To solve the problems of male infertility caused by sperm, male fertility supplements have been produced. One type of these supplements is male fertility pills. One of the male fertility pills is VigRX Plus Fertility Factor 5, which is given a brief description of this pill here, and for more information and a review of this product, you can refer to the Fertility Factor 5 Reviews article. We hope you find this article useful.


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