Male Fertility Test at Home

Male Fertility TestMale fertility test. What is male fertility? How do we know if a man is fertile or no? Is there a cheaper way to find out whether a man has fertility or no?


Sperm Test

One of the common causes of infertility in couples is infertility in men. The absence of sperm in men's semen or low sperm quality are among the factors leading to infertility in men. The presence of sperm in semen is indispensable for the fertilization of the female ovule. In addition to the presence of sperm in semen, the quality of sperm is also important in fertilizing the female ovule. Sperm testing is performed to determine the presence and quality of sperm in men. The most commonly used sperm test is sperm testing in the laboratory.

A sperm analysis or a spermogram is performed by taking samples from the male seminal fluid. Sampling can be done in a variety of ways, such as masturbation, Interrupted intercourse (in this type of intercourse, the man pours semen out of the vagina) or using special condoms. Two important results from the male sperm test are the presence of sperm in semen and the determination of the quality of sperm in men. The presence of semen alone can not be a reason for the presence of sperm!

Meanwhile, the semen comes out of the man's body during ejaculation, it is not assured that this semen must have sperm! A male sperm test will determine if man's semen has sperm or not.


Detection of Male Fertility (Presence of Sperm in Semen) by a Traditional Test

Some men may not be willing to give the sperm test or wish to be sure of their fertility before giving a sperm test. Is there a way to find out if a man has fertility and is not sterilized without sperm testing? In answering this question, it should be said that there is a very simple household test to detect the presence of sperm in the semen, which indicates that semen has sperm or not. So, it's very good with a simple test at home, we can realize that semen has sperm and the man is not sterile, but whether sperms motility is enough to fertilize the ovule can not be understood from this simple home test, and to understand it, perhaps the best way is to give a sperm test in the lab.


Sperm Test by Water at Home

Test to Detect the Presence of Sperm in Semen by Water at Home

With a very simple method at home, you can know the presence of sperm in your semen. This is a simple but yet free and more accurate male fertility test that every man can do at home. This test is for the detection of sperm in semen only. To do this test, fill a glass or other container with water so that the head is not filled.

This test also requires some male semen. The best method for collecting semen is interrupted intercourse. In this type of intercourse, after penis penetration and when the man intends to ejaculate, he immediately takes his penis from the woman's vagina and pours semen out of the woman's vagina. Then put some of the semen out slowly on the water in the glass or container and wait for some time.

After a while, if the semen has sperm it is deposited on the water and will go down. In this case, it can be concluded that the man has fertility and is not sterile, but, after a little time has passed (about a few minutes), if semen still remains on the water, it can be concluded that the semen is likely to be without sperm. In this case, the result is that probably the man has no fertility and is sterile.

One important point to note is that the test should be performed with the first semen released from the penis after ejaculation, not the semen that is later released, which is likely to be semen without sperm, especially the semen that comes out of the penis by hand after a man ejaculates.


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