Penis Enlargement Device

Penis Enlargement Device

A penis enlargement device is a means of fulfilling the dream of enlarging the penis for men who suffer from small penis. One of the measures for men who have a small penis is to try to enlarge their penis, and in the meantime, using a penis enlargement device is a solution. Penis enlargement devices are a subset of male enhancement devices. Today, penis enlargment devices have become very popular and are produced in different types and with different brands. It is safe to say that the best non-surgical way to add a few inches to penis size today is to use a penis enlarging device.

Penis enlargement can restore hope to many men who are unable to have a pleasurable intercourse due to the small size of the penis. Although male enhancement pills such as Male Extra are an attempt to improve the condition of the penis and treat problems such as erectile dysfunction but, these capsules are not able to enlarge the penis, and using a penis extender can bring men's attempts to enlarge their penis closer to success.


What is a Penis Enlargement Device?

Do you know what is a penis enlargement device, or in other words, a penis traction device? Let's review these devices. The images below show two different brands of penis enlargement devices. Figure 1 shows a traditional penis enlargement device, and figure 2 shows a newer penis enlargement device called PHALLOSAN® forte.

Figure 1 (A Sample Traditional Penis Extender)

Traditional Penis Extender

Figure 2 (The PHALLOSAN® forte Penis Extender)


As you can see, the appearance of these two devices is different. In addition to appearance, the phallosan forte is different from other extenders in terms of functioning too. Despite the differences in the appearance and function of these two types of penis extender devices, the main goal of both devices is the same, and that is to create a permanent stretch in the penis in order to increase its size. A penis enlargement device is a mechanical device that is placed around and along the penis.


How Does a Penis Enlargement Device Work?

Today's human beings have acquired the knowledge that by creating continuous traction in the organs of the body, their size can be increased. For example, some women try to stretch their neck like a giraffe's neck by placing rings around their necks. These women are known as "giraffe woman" or "giraffe women". The basis of this work is the same as previously mentioned, and that by creating a continuous traction on a body organ such as the neck, the size of that organ can be increased compared to before. This principle has been used in a penis enlargement device. Penis enlargement devices are also designed to apply a constant stretch to the penis when they are placed around the penis. This stretch is applied along the length of the penis and over time, new cells form in the penis and increase the length of the penis. This is the general principle of all penis enlargement devices; However, there may be some differences in the way they work.


How Many Inches Can This Device Add to the Size of the Penis?

Would you like to know how many inches a penile enlargement device can add to the size of your penis? This is a real and interesting question, and the answer to this question will clarify the ambiguity: whether the use of these devices is worth it or not. Of course, a device that can't add an acceptable inch to the size of your penis isn't worth wasting your money and time on. To review this, we must note that the enlargement of the penis depends on several factors:

  • Penis enlargement device type
  • Proper use of penis extender device
  • How long to use the device
  • Continuous use of the device
  • A man's physical condition

It's important to know that the type of penis enlargement device plays an important role in enlarging the penis, but that's not all. In addition to the type and brand of a device, other factors such as proper use, duration of use, continuity of use, as well as the physical condition of the user of a penis extender device all play a role in the success rate. It's a fact that even if you have the best brand and the best type of penis enlargement device but don't follow the terms of use properly, you won't be able to achieve much success in enlarging your penis and you can't expect your penis size increase significantly. In order to be able to enlarge your penis, you need to get a suitable penis stretcher device and follow the instructions given for that device. For example, look at the statistics on penis enlargement according to the table below for the PHALLOSAN forte penile enlargement device.

Clinical study results After 3 months use After 6 months use
Penis flaccid size increase 1,38" (3,5cm) 1,93" (4,9cm)
Penis erect size increase 1,5" (3,8cm) 1,89" (4,8cm)
Penis girth increase 0,98" (2,5cm) 0,98" (2,5cm)

It is observed that after the three-month and six-month time periods, a significant change in the size of the penis occurs. In the case of other penis enlargement extenders, you can refer to the instructions for their use and clinical trials or the experiences of users. Of course, using the experiences of others in this field can also help you a lot.


How Long Does It Take for Penis Size to Increase?

It depends on many factors. Some of the factors involved in the time required to succeed in enlarging the penis with a penis stretcher device are:

Type and Brand of the Penis Extender Device:

The type of penile traction device you choose can have a significant impact on the speed and success of your penis enlargement. With a good device, you can enlarge your penis in a shorter time. But don't think that this time is too short! Of course, penis enlargement is a time-consuming process, but a proper extender can minimize success time. As an example, the table above shows the time required for a significant increase in penis size by the PHALLOSAN Extender and for the use of this device for 3 months and 6 months. According to the table above, the minimum time required to use the PHALLOSAN forte to significantly increase penis size is about three months. Of course, this time may be a little different for different users. For other penis traction devices, you can also refer to their documentation.

Proper Use of the Penile Stretcher Device:

In addition to the type and brand of penis enlargement device, the correct and principled use of these devices also affects the time of getting results from them. Always try to follow the principles in the instructions carefully for each penile extender to get the best results in a shorter time.

Total Hours You Wear the Device Per Day:

How many hours a day can you wear an extender? If you want to shorten the time it takes to get your penis enlarged, you need to answer that question carefully! For example, if you want to get the results mentioned for the PHALLOSAN extender in a period of three months and six months, you need to wear this extender for at least 10 hours a day. One of the interesting things about wearing an extender is that the easier it is to wear a penis enlargement device, the easier it will be to wear for a long time. Since the PHALLOSAN uses a soft mechanism to stretch the penis, wearing it for a long time a day will be possible and almost without any problems. Because of this, and because of different performance of PHALLOSAN penis stretcher device, you can get better results and enlarge your penis with this penile stretcher device in a shorter time.

Continuous Use of a Penile Enlargement Device:

Don't forget that regular and continuous use of a penile extender has an undeniable effect on how long it takes to get results and increase penis size. With continuous use of the penis enlargement device, you can enlarge your penis in a shorter time. Discontinuous and irregular use of a penis extender can prolong the process of getting the result. If you want to get a good result in enlarging your penis with a penis enlargement device, try to wear that device regularly every day for a certain amount of time. Just be careful not to overdo it!

Your Patience:

Are you in a hurry and would like to get immediate results in whatever you do? If you have such a trait and are interested in enlarging your penis, it should be noted that it is better to either change your trait or forget to enlarge your penis! You should be aware that penis enlargement is a time-consuming process and anyone who wants to do so must be patient. With patience, along with following the instructions, you can get a positive result, but if you rush, you will not get the right result. One of the great secrets to success in penis enlargement is patience.

Your Effort:

Your efforts can speed up the time it takes to get a result from a penis enlargement device. Without the right effort, expecting success in penis enlargement is unwise.

If you want to succeed in the process of enlarging your penis and achieve this success in a shorter period of time, review the above items carefully and try to implement them as much as possible.


   How Long  Should I Wear a Penis Enlargement Device During the Day? 

It's very clear that the more you can wear a penis enlarger device during the day, the sooner you can get results. How many hours you can wear a penis extender a day depends on a variety of factors, including the type of device. The easier it is to wear a penis enlargement device, the more you can wear it per a day. If you want to get a positive result from a penis enlargement device at a reasonable time, you need to be able to wear it for more than 10 hours a day. This is where the role of a penile extender device like phallosan comes into play. Because the PHALLOSAN forte penis enlargement device has a soft mechanism and is easier to wear, you can wear it for more (12+) hours a day, even when you are asleep. Of course, keep in mind that wearing a device of any kind may be a little difficult at first, and you may not be able to wear it for longer time. But as time goes on and you get used to it, you can wear it for a long time a day.


Are Penis Enlargement Devices Safe?

With all the positive features that a penis enlargement device can have, what happens if it's not safe? The penis is the most important sexual asset of a man, and if this organ is damaged, this issue can have harmful consequences. Penis enlargement devices are designed and made in such a way that they are safe and do not damage the penis. But that alone is not enough. The basic and correct method of using a penis stretcher is very important. When using this device, try to pay attention to the instructions provided for it and never act arbitrarily in this work. So in order to experience a safe action to enlarge your penis, try to use a suitable and safe extender (like phallosan forte) first, and secondly, follow the principles of using it carefully so that your penis is not damaged. It is important to always keep in mind that you should not rush to enlarge your penis in any way, and always do it calmly and patiently.


Is the Result of a Penis Enlargement Device Permanent?

Does the question of "whether or not the results of penis enlargement devices are permanent" engage your mind? This is an important and fundamental question, and we need to see how the manufacturers of penis enlargement machines respond to this question. Of course, the energy, money, time, and effort that goes into working with a penis enlargement device is valuable when the results are permanent. If penis enlargement by a penis traction machine is not permanent, it is necessary to repeat the same thing after a while so that the penis can be enlarged again, and this does not seem reasonable. To check whether the result of a penis enlargement device is permanent, it is necessary to refer to the manufacturer's opinion or the experiences of its users. For example, the manufacturer of PHALLOSAN forte acknowledges that the result of phallosan forte after 6 months of use will be permanent. You can do the same research on other penis enlargement device manufacturers.


Taking Male Enhancement Pills While Using the Penis Enlargement Device

Some men may like to use male enhancement pills while using a male extender device. The question here is how does this work and does it affect the performance of the penis enlargement device or not? The fact is that this can be considered as a positive step, and even if it does not affect the performance of the penile extender device, it will certainly improve the condition of the penis. However, doing so could show whether taking a male enhancement pill while wearing a penis traction device can have a positive effect on penis enlargement or not. If you want to do this, male enhancement pills like Male Extra are recommended.


Can I Use Penis Enlargement Pills Instead of a Penis Enlargement Device?

Since taking a male enhancement pill is easier than using a penis enlargement mechanical device (it seems so), this question may come to mind: Is it possible to use a male enhancement pill instead of an enlargement device to enlarge the penis? One thing that can give rise to this mindset is some advertisements for male enhancement pills in which it may be claimed that a male enhancement pill can enlarge the penis. The fact is that in general, the answer to this question is no, and a male enhancement pill cannot work instead of a penis enlargement device. A male enhancement pill can improve the current condition of the penis by making it look like it has enlarged the penis, but enlarging the penis means adding a few inches to the size of the penis, and this cannot be done by a male enhancing pill and one of the best options for doing this is to use penis enlargement devices. Here we draw your attention to the study of penis extenders vs. penis pills: which is better content.



Here we refer to one of the penis enlargement devices called PHALLOSAN® forte. This penis enlargement device is a product of Germany. The PHALLOSAN forte differs from traditional penis extenders in terms of both design, appearance, and performance. Due to its soft mechanism and its suction system, PHALLOSAN is easy to wear and can be worn by men during the day and even at night for a long time. If you are looking for a penis enlargement device, we recommend PHALLOSAN® forte. In the PHALLOSAN Review article you can find out more about this new penis extender.


Other Benefits of a Penis Enlargement Device

You may also be wondering if a penis enlargement device has other benefits in addition to penis enlargement. In addition to enlarging the penis, there are other benefits for PHALLOSAN forte, such as helping to correct penile curvature or helping to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). For other penis enlargement devices, it is recommended that you refer to their documentation and notifications from their manufacturers.



In this article, we have tried to introduce you to one of the male enhancement tools called penis enlargement devices. For men who suffer from a small penis or are ashamed, penis traction devices can be a source of hope in their lives. If penis enlargement devices are used properly, they can be an alternative to penis surgery. Careful selection of a penis enlargement device, along with following the instructions and having patience and effort, are important factors in the success of penis enlargement. As a suitable device for penis enlargement, we recommend PHALLOSAN forte penis enlargement device.


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