Penis Enlargement: Using PHALLOSAN Forte

Penis Enlargement: Using PHALLOSAN Forte

One of the most important methods of male enhancement is penis enlargement using penis extenders. Penis size is one of the major challenges for some men. The small size of the penis may make some men sad and depressed. The more penis problems men have, the more it can add to men's discomfort. Some men may even be ashamed to say that their penis size is small. This condition, along with the problem of small penis, may cause men with many physical and mental problems.


Small Penis (Penis Hypoplasia)

Hypoplasia (from Ancient Greek ὑπo- hypo-, "under" + πλάσις plasis, "formation"; adjective form hypoplastic) is underdevelopment or incomplete development of a tissue or organ. Penis hypoplasia is a condition with which the penis remains small despite growth (less than 11-12cm in length when erect). A small penis, compared to the so called Micropenis, normally has no physical disadvantages, but often a psychological impact on the man. The average penis length varies with descent. If we look at this issue statistically, African men have the largest penises, followed by Western European and North American men. Generally speaking, Asian men have the smallest penises, with an average length of 12-13cm. The average erect penis has a girth of 12cm. Yet, one thing most men have in common is that they consider their penis to be small.


Causes of Small Penis

The most important factor in the small size of the penis can be congenital problems. Penis size can be a genetic problem. A man's condition may be genetically susceptible to a small penis. Besides a genetic predisposition, a small penis can be caused by illness. "Retractio Penis" is a small penis caused by obesity. This is characterized by the penis retracting into the subcutaneous fatty tissue. It is very common for men to feel like they have a small penis due to emotional or psychological reasons. Having a small penis quickly becomes something to think about on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to address the issue of penis enlargement, especially in a natural manner.



But what is the solution to treat a small penis size? Perhaps in the very distant past, due to insufficient knowledge, there was no proper treatment for the problem of small penis size. But nowadays, different methods have been developed to enlarge the penis size. Among the various methods available to enlarge the penis at this time, penis extenders have a special and important role. In this article, we are talking about the PHALLOSAN Forte penis extender and we would like to share some tips on penis enlargement with this male enhancement device.

Figure below shows the assembled PHALLOSAN Forte penis extender.

Phallosan Forte

PHALLOSAN forte is a patented stretching system for the natural extension of your penis without surgery. The treatment with PHALLOSAN forte penile enlargement system can help increase the size of a penis safely and lastingly. The success, as with all stretching systems, depends on the continuous daily use. By continuously using PHALLOSAN forte, a small penis can be elongated. This stretcher system uses a soft mechanism for penis enlargement. This system acts using a vacuum system. Traction is applied over the entire penis through a condom shaped rubber called sleeve. The sleeve binds to another part of the system called suction bell. The suction bell binds from one end to the sleeve and from the other end to a 3-way valve called suction ball and tension clip. The tension clip connects to a belt. The belt is strapped around the waist. The special vacuum method also results in the penis increasing in girth. Compared to most other penis enlargement methods and devices, PHALLOSAN forte is gentle and safe to use, as well as comfortable to wear under clothing.

As mentioned, continuous daily use of phallosan forte, like other penis extenders, is essential for success in penis enlargement. So it is necessary to be patient in the process of increasing penis size. Since regular daily use of a penis extender is essential to increase penis size, therefore, the ease of use of a penis extender is crucial so that the PHALLOSAN® forte can be a smart choice.

Inspired by primitive peoples and combined with the knowledge of modern medical procedure in the area of tissue expansion your penis is effectively enlarged by continual stretching. A penis enlargement of up to 4.9 centimeters is possible within six months. These were the results of the clinical study under the patronage of Prof. Dr. med. Sohn, senior medical consultant at a German urological clinic. The average achieved by all testers after six months was an impressive extra 3.6 centimeters as well as gaining an increase in circumference. The participants of the study also frequently experienced an improved and stronger erection in combination with the penis enlargement. A quarter of them reported also experiencing stiffness for a longer period. PHALLOSAN forte allows all of this without any surgical procedure: painless, comfortable and inconspicuous. See phallosan forte results for more information.

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