Phallosan Forte Results

PHALLOSAN forte Results

What is phallosan results and which phallosan forte results have been reported from customers who have used the phallosan extender or what are phallosan forte clinical results? What are the real results of the phalosan?

When you decide to buy the phallosan extender, one of the most important questions that may come to your mind is what are the results of phalosan? Surely, knowing the positive results of the Phalosan can help you in choosing and buying this penis extender.

The results of Phallosan are two types: 1) research results and 2) non-research results. Now, we will discuss each of these results.


PHALLOSAN forte Research Results (Clinical Study Results):

Research results are the results of a research conducted on a particular group of people, mainly in the laboratory or clinic. Research results are carried out on a limited number of people.

In the case of PHALLOSAN® forte extender, a research study was conducted between January and July 2005 at a Urological Clinic in Germany. This research was conducted under the supervision of Professor Dr. Sohn, Chief Physician. The results of this clinical study have shown that phalosan has a positive effect.

The result achieved from all patients under the test was on average as follows: 3.6 cm (1.41 inches) increase in penis length at none erect stage and 2.9 cm (1.14 inches) increase in penis length at erect stage with the wearing time of 6 hours 5 days a week. Meanwhile, the highest result achieved from that clinical study of PHALLOSAN® was as follows: 4.9 cm (1.9 inches) increase in penis length at non erect stage and 4.0 cm (1.47 inches) increase in penis length at erect stage after six months of wearing the phallosan extender (9 hours per day and 6 days a week).

Although the results of clinical studies are valuable and can greatly show the efficacy of the phallosan extender, but, the results obtained by phallosan users may well be indicative of the value of the product, rather than clinical ones.


PHALLOSAN forte Non-research results:

Non-research results are the results not obtained in a clinic or lab but in daily life. These results, which can also be called as PHALLOSAN forte real results, have been reported by customers who have used this extender. Since non-research results are obtained in a wide range of regional and demographic conditions, it is more likely to be considered for those who decide purchasing Phallosan extender.

These types of results can be very helpful for those who are looking to find out the practical results of the phallosan forte and by seeing these results, they can take a more open look at buying this device.

In the following, we will highlight a few of the public and non-research results that have been published by some customers on the official website of PHALLOSAN:


  1. I have been using PF [PHALLOSAN forte] for three months with signs i’m beginning to see improvement.
  2. I've gained 2 inches in a year 9 hours, MON-FRI green almost yellow.
  3. It’s taken over 3 yrs, to have an improvement ,but, I’ve loved the product.
  4. I've used this for a 10 months 8 to 9 hours per day in green almost yellow mark 1.8 inches gained.
  5. I've use this product now for 10 months. I started with a 5.2" erect penis. Now I'm at 6" and depending on the erection I max at 6.5".
  6. I've been wearing phallosan for incurvate problems and I'm happy to say that I've experienced an improvement in that area, I'll keep on using Phallosan to see further improvements.


These are examples of the results that have been reported by some Phallosan forte customers. If you want to see more testimonials from customers, you can visit the Phallosan Official Website.

The results of clinical studies as well as general results reported by users all indicate the efficacy of the phallosan extender.

An important factor seen in both the research results and the non-research results of the phallosan is the time. As noted in the clinical study and customer reports confirm this, the important point is the duration of use of the PHALLOSAN® forte. Perhaps this does not seem so important in the first step, but when it comes to using this device, it will surely be one of the key factors. Maybe some men are so excited that they expect to see a surprising result at the very beginning of the use of phallosan extender, however, seeing the results expresses another reality, and that is the key word of patience. Okay, for the conclusion of the PHALLOSAN forte, should have patience!

You must learn to accept the Phallosan as a member of your body for several months, and if you do not have such a thought, you can not get a good result from this tool. Correcting the problems of the penis and enlarging it in a natural way is time-consuming, and in no way should it be rushed. Hurrying in this work may not only does not have a positive effect on you, it may even damage your penis.

If you want a good and permanent result of the phallosan male extender, you should be patient and use it accurately according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. If you are a hurried person or if you are looking for immediate and non-permanent results to enlarge your penis, it might be better to choose other penis enlargement methods like penis enlargement pills (such as Male Extra Pills). Read Male Extra Reviews for more information about this male enhancement pill.

This article is about phallosan results, and if you would like to learn more about this male enhancement extender, you can read the Phallosan forte Review article. The Phallosan Review article may help you learn a lot about this device and buy it if you like.


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