Phallosan Forte Review

This article is about phallosan forte review and results, an inimitable penis extender. This phallosan review can provide useful information about phallosan extender and it's strongly recommended that you read our phallosan reviews before purchasing this male extender. We will discuss about a penis extender with a unique design here. Are you interested in to enlarge your penis? so, phallosan is here!


PHALLOSAN forte review, results, and testimonials

What is Phallosan forte?

PHALLOSAN® forte is a penis extender and penis enlargement traction device. Phallosan extender has a unique design and was invented in Germany in year of 2001. It is manufactured by the company of Swiss Sana Anstalt that has been around for several years. Due to its unique design, PHALLOSAN® forte penis stretching device is different from other penis extenders like SizeGenetics.

PHALLOSAN is worldwide the only patented orthopedic belt system with a new revolutionary vacuum protector technology, the even faster way to penis enlargement or straightening, helping you to achieve new confidence and an enhanced quality of life.

PHALLOSAN® has been being used around the world with much success for several years.

Phallosan forte has FDA approval. PHALLOSAN® can increase the penis size and also straighten up a curved or bent penis known as a Peyronie's Disease (Peyronie's disease is penis problem caused by scar tissue, called plaque, that forms inside the penis. It can make the penis to bend upward or to the side). It also treats erectile dysfunction in men.


  • Up to 2" of natural growth in length
  • Up to 1" more circumference
  • Correction of penis curvature IPP/penile distortion
  • Natural increase in potency
  • Successfully tested in German clinics
  • Rediscover sexual life after a prostate OP


How does it work?

Phallosan system is soft. The system uses a soft mechanism for penis enlargement. This system acts using a vacuum system. Traction is applied over the entire penis through a condom shaped rubber called sleeve. The sleeve binds to another part of the system called suction bell. The suction bell binds from one end to the sleeve and from the other end to a 3-way valve called suction ball and tension clip. The tension clip connects to a belt. The belt is strapped around the waist. It's a quick overview of phallosan performance.


PHALLOSAN review will help you have a better understanding of this uniquely designed penis extender device.


Phallosan forte is Different from Other Penis Extenders!

The Phallosan Extender has a slightly different approach to penis enlargement, while phallosan is a penis stretcher device it uses a condom like sleeve and a suction bell that can be worn for up to 12 hours a day even at night, comfortably as the system on the penis shaft can adjust at any time to a possible erection. It does not impede blood circulation. This helps men not only increase their penis size but also improve erection quality for men suffering from erectile dysfunction issues. The penis tissue is motivated to form new cells by continuous smooth stretching. Similarly, PHALLOSAN® forte creates an almost unnoticeable vacuum that acts on the entire penis, starting with the glans. Phallosan makes it easy for the user to wear the system for a period of ten hours without any inconvenience at all because of it's high degree of convenience and this is the main prerequisite for success! The use of this device is painless if used correctly.


Some of phallosan forte Testimonials and Customer Reviews


I have been using the p*** p*** for awhile now. Decided to try out the phallosan forte! What a difference! Since I put on the PF I could feel the difference.... To make it short I will no loner be using the p*** p***... I did get growth with the pump but its not as comfortable as the phallosan forte. Scale from 1-10 I give this an 11.. .


I've use this product now for 10 months. I started with a 5.2" erect penis. Now I'm at 6" and depending on the erection I max at 6.5". I can say this product does work and stay with your program. My goal is to be 7" and I'll be just fine with that gain. I don't know how much longer it will take to reach my goal but I'm going to stay with it and continue with my stretching for 16 hours a day.
Much more comfortable than other extenders easy to use 8 plus hours a day just follow instructions on 3rd week so far will do another review once done 1000 hours
I've been wearing phallosan for incurvate problems and I'm happy to say that I've experienced an improvement in that area, I'll keep on using Phallosan to see further improvements. The support is very helpful and fast so thanks a lot for that!
It's great!
This Phallosan device is amazing! I have used and spent many dollars on penis enlargement! I'm so happy I came across this amazing product! I have been using this for a month now and I'm starting to see great results from the ease and comfortability Of using this 8 hours a day without any problems or discomfort! Only thing that's a inconvenience is when you have to go bathroom during your exercise regimen. Other than that, I love it! I highly, highly recommend this for men who wants great results and comfort of a device that should win an award for its design and real results! Thank you Phallosan for an awesome product.
Extenders require time. Time gives results. Only if feeling comfortable someone can wear an extender and get results. Phallosan is more than comfortable. It becomes part of you! Support is excellent! Phallosan team are professionals!
I bought phallosan for penis enlargment and some erectile issues i have. Though i have it four months officially i am commited to it, the last two months. I am wearing it around 6 hours per day (i will try for more hours). I gained already 1 cm on my erect length and i feel my penis much healthier. A week before the sensor (with the green,yellow, red indicator) broke. I took a picture of it and sent it at phallosan service e-mail asking what to do and in less than 5 days they sent me a new one. Very satisfied with the product and with the service responce.
A month ago I ordered for Phallosan Forte and they delivered to me immedietly. During use I have some problem with the protector cap and asked the Phallosan team. They urgently sent to me a new one for free without any delay. It is great, they provide excellent services to their customers. According to my study and recent experience about many products for PE, I found the Phallosan Forte as compare to others is wonderful and very comfortable in use. I suggest to all, buy Phallosan Forte and save your money in response you will get excellent results. I thanks the support team for their best services at all. Good luck- Saleem
I have been using this for almost 2 weeks. before i was on an extender which was a pain in the butt to have on. I have gained probably 1/4" so far and i know this will help me get longer! great product and excellent quality!
There are no words to describe the Phallosan Forte because it is definitely the best on the market. The first 2 days I kept it for 7 hours; from the 3rd day as it is so comfortable to wear I keep it for 12 hours and more. The support team is fabulous. I had a problem with attachment clip and immediately after a few a minutes when they were contacted they sent me a new clip!
Received very efficient and prompt email information about the delivery of the phallosan. Can't wait to order it and see the results. Thank you

Order PHALLOSAN® penile extender only from it's Official Website by the company of Swiss Sana Anstalt.


With a soft orthopedic belt, PHALLOSAN EXTENDER is worn sideways more comfortably even when a man is sleeping!


PHALLOSAN Extender Package Contents

At the time of buy phallosan forte, the phallosan extender is presented in a package, which includes the following contents:

Package contents


  1. The package includes an elastic and soft orthopedic belt, which is strapped around the waist incl. foam-rubber ring (A), into which the penis is inserted all the way to the base. The buckle (B), with which you can adjust the length of the belt individually and adapter (C) on the belt, which is connected to the suction bell.

    Elastic belt

  2. The package contains a suction bell in size L (Large).

    Suction bell in size L

  3. The package contains a suction bell in size M (Medium) with and assembled tension clip (6).

    Suction bell in size M

  4. The package contains a suction bell in size S (Small).

    PHALLOSAN® extender suction bell in size S

  5. There is an enclosed protector cap in the package to cover penis glans and protect the glans (head) of the penis against strong tension settings.

    PHALLOSAN® forte extender protector cap

  6. The package also includes a tension clip with tension spring attachment to adjust the intensity of the tension using a traffic light color code system with adapter for the belt.

    PHALLOSAN® forte tension clip and spring

  7. This package contains a suction ball with 3-way valve.

    PHALLOSAN® forte suction ball

  8. The package comes with PHALLOSAN® forte L-sleeve condom.

    L-sleeve condom

  9. This package comes with PHALLOSAN® forte M-sleeve condom.

    M-sleeve condom

  10. The package comes with PHALLOSAN® forte S-sleeve condom.

    S-sleeve condom

  11. Phallosan extender package includes a measuring template for determining the correct suction bell for your penis. As mentioned above, the package contains suction bells in three different sizes of S (Small), M (Medium) and L (Large). The measuring template helps you to choose the right suction bell based on the girth of your penis.

    PHALLOSAN® forte measuring template

  12. An instructions for use.

    Phallosan instructions for use

+ Get 4 free sleeves in the package (1× S, 2× M, 1× L - worth over 100 USD) if you buy phallosan from their Official Website .


New from Phallosan on October 7th, 2016

New XL bell available now for Phallosan forte. PHALLOSAN® service announced a new bell for phallosan named XL bell with 1,65" diameter (4,2cm) On october 7th, 2016. They say: Through the use of PHALLOSAN forte the growth of the penis became that big that we were forced to produce an XL bell to even satisfy XXL customers and patients.

Who is the PHALLOSAN forte extender right for?

Because the PHALLOSAN penile enlarging device can be worn more comfortably, it seems PHALLOSAN is a good choice for beginners (the men never used any penis enlargement devices before).

Although the maker of phallosan stretcher device says that the phallosan penis enlargement device is suitable for all sizes of penis, but as a suggestion, if your penis size is below 6 inches (less than 15 centimeters), you can try Phallosan Forte as a penis extender and if your dick size is over 6 inches (more than 15 centimeters), you can try an alternative to Phallosan Forte. In this case, a traditional penis extender like SizeGenetics or JesExtender maybe a good alternative to phallosan penile extender and thus a nice choice for you to enlarge your penis.



PHALLOSAN® forte is recommended as a treatment for:

  • Penis enlargement and penis extension
  • Congenital/Acquired penile curvature and induratio penis plastica (IPP or Peyronie's Disease)
  • Erectile dysfunctions
  • Post-surgical follow-up treatment after prostate surgery
  • Training the cavernous body of the penis at any age


Clinical Study

The conclusion of a clinical study of the effectiveness of PHALLOSAN® Extender carried out under the patronage of Professor Dr. Sohn, Chief Physician at a German urological clinic between July 2005 and January 2005 showed that the PHALLOSAN® forte penis extender is effective. 3.6 cm (1.41 inches) increase in length at none erect stage and 2.9 cm (1.14 inches) increase in length at erect stage with the wearing time of 6 hours 5 days a week, was the average results of all test patients.

The highest result achieved was after 6 months of wearing the phallosan extender (9 hours 6 days a week) with 4.9 cm (1.9 inches) increase in length at non erect stage and 4.0 cm (1.47 inches) increase in length at erect stage.

All test patients of the study experienced growth in both penis length and penis girth. The success of the patients depended very much on the daily wearing time and those patients who had worn Phallosan Extender up to 10 hours a day experienced the greatest increase in penis. Also all test patients of that study confirmed that PHALLOSAN® could be worn without pain for many hours.


Phallosan Results

Here are phallosan forte results (based on a clinical study carried out by a German urological clinic) after three months and six months of using phallosan extender:

Clinical study results After 3 months use After 6 months use
Penis flaccid size increase 1,38" (3,5cm) 1,93" (4,9cm)
Penis erect size increase 1,5" (3,8cm) 1,89" (4,8cm)
Penis girth increase 0,98" (2,5cm) 0,98" (2,5cm)


Penis flaccid size increase, penis erect size increase and penis girth increase chart after 3 months and 6 months of using phallosan extender:


PHALLOSAN® forte results and penis growth chart



As the results of clinical study showed, PHALLOSAN® forte is effective for penis enlargement and penis enhancement.


Is PHALLOSAN® forte Safe?

PHALLOSAN® forte carries the CE symbol and conforms to EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC. In addition it satisfies Standards EN 980, EN ISO 14971 and EN ISO 10993-1.

This dick enlarger device is manufactured according to the medical requirements of European health authorities. The materials used in the manufacture of this product are well tolerated and have been tested for biocompatibility. The textile stretch belt for penis enlargement is formaldehyde-free and specially developed for PHALLOSAN® forte. The sleeves used are allergen-free and latex-free, and finally the support ring on the stretch belt is made of selected medical foam silicone.

For safe use of PHALLOSAN, please pay attention carefully to the instructions for use, provided by the manufacturer.


Why Phallosan Extender?

The most important reason to choose the Phallosan Extender is that this penile stretcher device is very comfortable for use and is the most comfortable vacuum penile extender. Convenient and comfortable use of the PHALLOSAN, causes that a man can wear it for a long time during the day. Because of its convenience, this penis extender can be worn safely while a man is sleeping in almost any laying position.


The Benefits of PHALLOSAN® forte

  • Absolute discretion and free consulting
  • Made of allergen-free materials
  • Comfortable to wear day and even night (phallosan Can be worn overnight without a problem)
  • Integral suction pump and tension gauge
  • Suitable for all sizes (New XL size of bell)
  • Wearing PHALLOSAN® forte is barely noticeable, only after a few days
  • Phallosan Can be worn for long periods because it's protector cap is made of ultra soft silicone
  • PHALLOSAN® forte may be worn to the left or right in the groin
  • Remains invisible from the outside
  • No side effects, provided the instructions for use are observed
  • PHALLOSAN® forte acts effectively and gently


PHALLOSAN forte Alternative

Is there an alternative to phallosan forte penis extender? Are you looking for an alternative to phallosan extender? Can the other penis extenders be an alternative to this penis enlargement device? As said before, Phallosan Forte has a unique design and phallosan extender is not like any of the other penis extender or penis enlargement devices. Should always be noted that, each product is unique in its kind and no other products can be an alternative to it, exactly. But, in terms of performance, maybe we can find an alternative to the desired product. In terms of mode of action, the Penimaster Pro Belt Expander system may be considered as an alternative to the phallosan. Of course, we suggest that you buy Penimaster Pro Complete system instead of penimaster pro belt expander system for better and more complete results.

If you have determined that the Phallosan Extender is not suitable for you and you look for a penis enlargement device other than phallosan, you can use other penis extenders such as SizeGenetics or JesExtender or use water based penis pumps such as Hydromax or other penis pumps like Penomet.


Phallosan forte vs Penismaster Pro

Among other penis enlargement devices, Penimaster Pro is most similar to the phallosan. The Penimaster Pro Belt Expander system acts much like the phallosan. The PenimasterPRO belt expander attaches to the penis using a vacuum head piece called Penimaster Pro Basic. PenimasterPro Belt Expander system may be the best alternative to phallosan, as both of them use a vacuum attachment system and a belt to connect to the penis.


PHALLOSAN® forte Warranty

The PHALLOSAN® has two year warranty on all parts excluding sleeves and protector caps.


Anonymous and Discreet Purchase

phallosan anonymous package

Phallosan is sent in a plain packaging (no indication of the nature of the product) and no intended purpose is shown on the remittance order, as the account was opened for this product only.


Phallosan forte Price

PHALLOSAN forte costs only 339.00 USD ( + Shipping: 25.00 USD). In comparison with other dick stretcher devices, the phallosan extender seams a little expensive! but always remember in your mind, buying one valuable product is better than buying some worthless products. Other penis extender devices may be cheaper but may not be effective or are made of inferior materials. Anyway, if you want to buy other penile stretcher device, be sure to carefully check its quality.


Where to Buy Phallosan forte?

BE CAREFUL: Because of the possibility of many counterfeits and fake resellers who may impersonate the PHALLOSAN® forte website, it is better to be sure that buy PHALLOSAN Extender only from their Official Website.

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