Phallosan Forte: What is it?

What is PHALLOSAN forte

Have you ever heard of the phallosan? Do you want to know what is phallosan? Whether you're interested to know what phallosan can do for men? Here is our article about phallosan forte.

PHALLOSAN® forte is a male enhancement device which was invented in Germany. Phallosan is a penis extender. The primary objective of PHALLOSAN is to enlarge men's penile and increase the penis length.

For men who are unhappy with the small size of their penis and looking for a way to increase the size of their penis, PHALLOSAN® forte can be one of the best options. There are a variety of methods to enhance men. As an example, male enhancement pills, are one of the male enhancement methods. Penis extenders are another method of male enhancement. Penis exercises and penis pumps also considered other methods of male enhancement. Phallosan is in the category of penis extenders but it is a bit different from the traditional and generic penis extenders. Traditional penis extenders like SizeGenetics work through a strap that is attached to the penis head (glans), but, PHALLOSAN® forte works using a condom and suction system. This type of performance makes it easier for a man to use long time on the day and night even when he is asleep.

The question that may be raised is whether the PHALLOSAN® really works? A clinical study carried by Professor Dr. Sohn, Chief Physician at a German urological clinic between July 2005 and January 2005. The result of this study showed the effectiveness of the Phallosan forte. In addition, reports from phallosan users indicate the success of it. Here is a sample: "I've use this product now for 10 months. I started with a 5.2" erect penis. Now I'm at 6" and depending on the erection I max at 6.5". I can say this product does work and stay with your program. My goal is to be 7" and I'll be just fine with that gain. I don't know how much longer it will take to reach my goal but I'm going to stay with it and continue with my stretching for 16 hours a day.", from phallosan official site. You can read more about phallosan at: Phallosan forte Review


How does phallosan work?

As mentioned above, phallosan works via a suction system. First, a long elastic cap named protector cap is placed over the penis. The protector cap, as its name implies,  protects the glans (penis head) against excess vacuum suction. Further, it enables quick adjustment of the device over the penis. The protector cap is made of non allergenic material. After the protector cap is placed over the penis, a condom like rubber named sleeve, is placed over the protector cap. Phallosan has three size of sleeve condom. L-Sleeve Condom (Large), M-Sleeve Condom (Medium) and S-Sleeve Condom (Small).  Depending on the girth of the penis, we will use one of these Sleeves. If your penis is small, the S-Sleeve Condom is good for you; if your penis size is average, the M-Sleeve Condom is good for you and finally, if your penis size is large, the L-Sleeve Condom is best for you. When you start using PHALLOSAN® forte, the S-Sleeve Condom may be suitable for your need, but over time and for some reasons, you may need a larger size of sleeve. In this case, you can use the M-Sleeve Condom or L-Sleeve Condom. All three size of sleeves come in original package of Phallosan forte and you do not need to buy them separately. Sleeve condom causes pressure to be applied through it to the entire penis. After the proper sleeve is placed over the protector cap, it is time for the next piece. What is the next piece? the next piece is Suction Bell. The phallosan suction bell attaches to the sleeve condom. There are 3 size of suction bell in phallosan original package, L, M, and S. Phallosan announced a new bell in size XL with 1,65" diameter (4,2cm) On october 7th, 2016. The original package of phallosan doesn't contain the XL bell and it must be purchased separately, if necessary. The suction bell attaches to a three-way-valve which enables you to increase or decrease the pressure applied to your penis. Finally, These complex is placed by a belt around the waist.


More about PHALLOSAN Extender

Phallosan is designed so that when worn by a man, is not noticeable and do not attract attention and while a man uses phallosan extender, he can continue his social activities, without a hitch. Phallosan Extender is a little different from other extenders like sizegenetics. In terms of the work, the Phallosan Extender is like other penis extenders, but in terms of performance, phallosan penis stretcher is different from other penis stretcher devices. Traditional extenders such as sizegenetics use a curve strap (or something like it) that is attached to the glans (penis head) in order to create tension in the penis, but Phallosan forte uses a condom-like rubber which is placed over the penis, so exerts tension on the entire length of the penis.

For men who for various reasons are experiencing sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, the phallosan can be considered as a means of therapy. Penis curvature is one of sexual problems in men. Research shows that phallosan can be effective in treating curvature of the penis.

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