Earliest Sign of Pregnancy

The Earliest and Fastest Sign of Pregnancy and Diagnosis of Gestation in the Traditional Way

The earliest sign of pregnancy described in this article will help you become aware of your gestation, easily and at no cost.

By 2lmed Staff

Earliest Sign of Pregnancy

What is the earliest sign of pregnancy? This is a question that may be asked by respectable women when they feel they may have become pregnant.

Are you either in the process of taking a pregnancy or have you recently begun and want to know your pregnancy status as soon as possible? Are you curious to know your pregnancy as soon as possible? Are you likely to have a pregnancy and are looking for a positive pregnancy outcome? Would you like to know about your pregnancy at home without medical tests? Do you want to know if you are pregnant at no cost? Do not worry! We will teach you this diagnostic method of pregnancy. No baby check, no pregnancy blood test, no ultrasound, no other similar and costly methods for diagnosing pregnancy, Just, focus of thought, accuracy and the skill of your hand are the tools you need to do this amazing job!

Are you surprised? Perhaps surprising, but by reading this article, you will find out the truth. Please continue reading ...

The moments of pregnancy feeling, especially for the ladies whose first experience is, is a moment of sensitive and happy. The moment that the kind God is going to create a new creature in the womb of the woman.

There are several ways to diagnose pregnancy and to test pregnancy positivity which gestation blood test is usually one of the most accurate methods for diagnosing pregnancy. Gestation blood test is very accurate for pregnancy-positive testing, but, it usually takes about 11 days after egg fertilization with sperm that Beta HCG levels in the pregnant woman's blood shows a positive pregnancy. For example, if we consider the time of sexual intercourse 3 days before conception, about 14 days or two weeks after sexual intercourse, we can almost certainly know the outcome of pregnancy. If the pregnancy test is performed with Baby Check, this time can be even more.

This period of 14 days, in normal mode, may not seem a long time, but it is usually a long time for a woman who is planning a pregnancy, and women are more likely to become aware of the positive outcome of their pregnancy even earlier.

Other methods, including the use of baby check or some physical symptoms in women such as discontinuation of the next period, spotting, vomiting, etc., can be a sign of pregnancy, but they are not definite and accurate methods and it takes usually a long time (from the view of a pregnant woman!) to determine the outcome.

Here's a method as a pregnancy test is suggested and if we are only a little bit careful about our work, we can very often and very quickly identify pregnancy. This method of diagnosis of pregnancy can also be called pregnancy diagnosis in the traditional way. This method can help you to diagnose a pregnancy about 3 to 4 days after the egg is fertilized with the sperm. Here, if we consider the time for sexual intercourse, for example, 3 days before fertilization, it can be said about 6 to 7 days after the intercourse, it is possible to diagnose pregnancy. That is, a pregnancy can be diagnosed with this method, about a week after the coition. Depending on some conditions and factors, it may take up to 10 days after the intercourse. This method is a simple home test method for diagnosis of pregnancy. But what is this method?

Before explaining this method, it is necessary that an issue to be mentioned. In order to accept the contents by a container, it is necessary firstly, that the container has the capability, and, second, it is ready to receive the contents. For example, when you want to pour water (contents) in a glass (container), the glass has the capability to hold water, but this is the first condition, the second condition is that the glass should have the readiness to keep water in it. For example, if the glass is filled with another liquid or if it is perforated or broken, etc., it is no longer possible to pour water into that glass. That is, while the glass has the capability to contain the water, it is not ready to contain it. In this example, it is easy to determine the glass readiness to keep the water considering whether the glass is full or not, is broken or not and is perforated or not.

The Almighty God has put the woman's womb as a container for the growth and development of the fetus (contents). It means the womb is the container and the embryo is the contents. The capability to hold the fetus is given to the womb by the great god, this is the first condition, and the second condition is the preparedness of the container, which is here the preparedness of the womb to receive the fetus. When the uterus is prepared for embryo, some changes in it will be given by the merciful God. One of these changes is tightening the wall of the womb so that it can hold the fetus. Because of this change in the characteristics of the womb, we can recognize the pregnancy of a woman, but how? Please pay attention carefully to the image shown below, and read the following contents carefully. It is necessary to do this test by another person on a pregnant woman.

Earliest Sign of Pregnancy


First, the pregnant lady, lie down on the back and keep her abdomen completely relaxed. Consider the area of the number 1 marked in the image above, the woman's belly. Consider the part number 3 in the image shown with the green circle, the navel. Consider a virtual ring (No. 2) at the distance of the four fingers (No. 6) around the navel. Gently massage the pointed ring (No. 2) in the clockwise direction (No. 5) using the four fingers of the right hand (not the palm of your hand). (Note that the virtual ring cited above has a thickness of 3 or 4 fingers). When massage, gently push the hand down on the belly. Try to keep the hand press the same throughout the virtual ring.

If the woman is pregnant, when you massage and with a little care, you will feel that the lower abdomen (the area shown in figure 4 and in green) is a bit tighter than the rest of the ring. Of course, it's best to do this test when the pregnant woman's belly is empty and it's usually loose. Area No. 4 is the same area of the uterus that becomes rigid until it is ready to hold the fetus. You can do this test several times over several days. If you do this carefully and feel the tightness of the lower abdomen, it is likely that the woman is pregnant. Note that this is tight throughout the lower abdomen, not just on one side! That is, from the right to the left side of the lower abdomen, not just on the left or just on the right side of the lower abdomen. Tightness of just one side of the woman's lower abdomen can be a sign of ovarian cyst.

We hope this test will help you diagnose your pregnancy. After having your pregnancy diagnosed with this test, you can use a pregnancy blood test or ultrasound to determine if your pregnancy is definitive.


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